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Eventhough I smile
Ain't nothing pretty bout this Queens Story
Aint trying to hear all that crap about "to God be the glory"...
I'm the one that got all fucked up in this life, all gritty and grimy.
People say, oh she so sweet and so Pretty
If you think that, you're wrong: so don't even try me
So tired of being the one that's always gotta keep it together
Shit um laying my burdens down, bout to cause some stormy weather
Always so quick to give to others without stopping to think
Took my shirt outta that whole for you even when I knew my boat would start to sink...
You just took took took as I gave gave gave
Just like Massa does with all his Slaves
These bars aren't written for an applause
They're telling you about a Queen that's just now accepting her flaws... #femaleartist #rapgame #lyricsspeak #itsonlyentertainment #independentartist #music #musicisinmysoul #realhiphop


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