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My beautiful granddaughter princess Zy’Anna. Oh how I’m missing her so much. I wish I could handle the loud and many many emotions she goes thru on a daily, because I wanna keep her for the weekend once her she gets back and her mom had her time. I need our time. But nana hasn’t been able to deal with loudness for over a year now. Which sucks. Before all this meningitis shit I always had Zy. She was my little person I wanted to be around all day everyday. But as soon as she gets to that age she’s a little more calm. Then she’ll be with nana all the time again. The 2 year old stage comes with a lot of different moods, emotions that nana can’t take. Lol! Even with my kids it was a very hard year for me at that age. Lol!love her so much. She’s my heart and soul. It’s true what they say, u do love your grandkids more. It’s a different deeper love. Man! My princess always and forever. #granddaughter #nanalove #2yearolds #deeperlove #connection #inlove



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