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It’s the most wonderful time of the year— @forecastlefest ⚓️⚓️⚓️ We here at the Sad Dad Radio Hour are taking the weekend off to soak in some rays and some rad tunes 🤟In the mean time, we are releasing our latest episode in honor of #scotthutchison and @frabbits’s #midnightorganfight 🌊 There isn’t enough room in all of cyberspace to express our gratitude towards this project, so go ahead and check us out on
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  • 10w ago queenjulesgolden queenjulesgolden

    He was so talented.

  • 10w ago deidradylnn deidradylnn

    Frabbit fan here in Louisville as well!!!

  • 10w ago deidradylnn deidradylnn

    Hey are you affiliated with any stations here in town?

  • 10w ago deidradylnn deidradylnn

    Also want to throw out there it wasn’t 2008 at the Iroquois it was 2013👍🏽

  • 10w ago saddadradiohour saddadradiohour

    @deidradylnn Whoops, we added it to the comments! 🤟

  • 10w ago saddadradiohour saddadradiohour

    @deidradylnn Nope. We are currently what you would called a lofi podcast. Though, since we are all from Louisville, it’s hard not to haven been influenced by the phenomenal public radio the city offers🤙

  • 10w ago deidradylnn deidradylnn

    @saddadradiohour I love wxox i’m pissed off at WFPK because they dis’d me the other day in regards to Scott and pretty Much said that forecastle was more important than what I wanted to give them in memory of Scott and mental health!


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