Instagram post by @j.manns Manns Bushcraft


  • 5w ago emt54001 emt54001

    How come all your pictures make me jealous. Lol coffee in a hot tub, kayak on the lake, steak over open fire. Have fun bub. Enjoying the photos.

  • 5w ago j.manns j.manns

    @emt54001 We need to go camping some time and you can be in the pictures with me!

  • 5w ago mountainbushcraftersalliance mountainbushcraftersalliance

    Yes sir, nice ....

  • 5w ago emt54001 emt54001

    @j.manns if I could ever get a day off. Probley have to wait till after medic class is done, but I’m game for some camping.

  • 5w ago cissy_king cissy_king

    @j.manns where is this? I wanna go

  • 5w ago j.manns j.manns

    @cissy_king Hidden Mountain Resort in Pigeon Forge, TN.


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