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If all these southern tales are true
plan for Heaven though Hell will do
Scott about 'Woke Up Hurting' "Seemed like the natural place to go after the last number. This is the dancefloor filler, one to get the disco kids bopping like penguins at a seal fight. But wait! This jolly tune just happens to be about a desperate human who prays every day that aliens will come and take him to another planet. You know that feeling where you think an intrusive alien probe-rod would be better than one more second on this stupid earth? Yeah, me too."
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  • 5w ago lyndsaymitchell90 lyndsaymitchell90


  • 5w ago jgdaly jgdaly

    The one time I saw him live he introduced this song as “Frightened Rabbit’s only EDM song!” 😂

  • 5w ago lindseyannee lindseyannee

    Miss him so. 😔

  • 5w ago craftingcatloverbpl craftingcatloverbpl

    "Bopping like penguins at a seal fight" great mental image! 🐧 He had a cracking sense of humour. Bless him

  • 5w ago deidradylnn deidradylnn

    Maybe he was only suppose to be here a little while and now he is making changes in another dimension somewhere! 😔♥️

  • 5w ago rachelann1966 rachelann1966

    I always wondered about this one! It sounded always pleading and desperate to me, thanks for enlightenment!

  • 5w ago gemma_the_golden gemma_the_golden

    Pray for abduction! Pray it comes soon! ...this song just reinforced the fact that he and the rest of the frabbits had really captured the vibe the few times they played in Florida. So fucking brutal that he’s gone.

  • 5w ago amywick09 amywick09

    I know that feeling all too well. I miss you Scott 💔

  • 5w ago yayawex yayawex

    Missed terribly. Soundtrack of my heart.


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