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Wash day!! 🌊🌊🌊 Still happy with my DevaCut from last week and feeling like I’m getting better at application techniques. .
🌊CoWashed with @asiamnaturally Coconut CoWash
🌊Conditioned with @devacurl One Condition using raking and squish to condish
🌊 Used praying hands and scrunching with @devacurl B’Leave In mixed with a little conditioned
🌊Took out a little water by scrunching with a cotton t-shirt 🌊Used gentle praying hands and LOTS of scrunching to apply @devacurl Volumizing Foam and Arc Angel Gel
🌊Clipped roots
🌊Diffused 🌊SOTC when 100% dry
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  • 5w ago wavyswavycurlygirl wavyswavycurlygirl

    Your hair looks so good!

  • 5w ago kathi.shmathi kathi.shmathi

    It definitely seems like you know what you're doing nowadays, love seeing the progress in your journey!

  • 5w ago cali_swaves cali_swaves

    I can’t even handle this, such amazing progress!! 😍😍😍 it just keeps getting better and better!

  • 5w ago knoreka knoreka

    Hair envy! 😍❤️

  • 5w ago mayssas_beauty_mark mayssas_beauty_mark


  • 5w ago liljonyeah liljonyeah

    This is so pretty! I found you on the 2bhair hashtag. I want to embrace my curls. They are 2bish and coarse. I've had keratin treatments 2x in the past year. They help immensely but I'm too busy to straighten it. Would you say that the foam (is it mousse) or gel helps the most to keep your curls shape with no frizz?

  • 5w ago wavyhairjenn wavyhairjenn

    @liljonyeah Aww thank you!! 💕 I would say out of the two, Gel is more important is defining my waves and keeping frizz at bay. If you haven’t yet, check out “Curly Girl: The Handbook” by Lorraine Massey. It’s usually very affordable on Amazon/Kindle. It will help you get started with embracing your natural waves!

  • 5w ago liljonyeah liljonyeah

    Thank you! I'll look at it right now 😁 and I'm assuming you scrunch the crunch away? Lol

  • 5w ago wavyhairjenn wavyhairjenn

    @liljonyeah Yes I do!

  • 4w ago remarkablebritt remarkablebritt

    Your hair looks like (from what I can see in the photos) it curls all in the same direction. Has it always done that or was that a result of the Deva cut?
    Just a curious learner to the CGM here!


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