Instagram post by @laura_marie_medium_ Laura Goodale

Life of a medium: Not everyone understands why I chose to practice this gift or what it’s all about. However so many of you have believed in me, trusted me and supported me. I know having a family member or friend who is a medium isn’t easy. Especially if you are not a believer. Thank you though for standing along side of me & taking an interest. I have to tell you, at first I was afraid, very afraid. I was scared to be judged, what people would say and how everyone would react. Today, those thoughts have changed, I consider it a true blessing. I know I am doing something that makes me happy & is helping others at the same time. All of those who have taken the time to outreach and thank me for helping you leaves me speechless. All I ever wanted to do was help people in a way my first reading helped me. I have seen how people continue to pass along my name and refer me to those they love. Thank you all for believing in me, and allowing me to share this beautiful gift with you. ✨💛 Each day that I am able to deliver messages gives me a purpose I never imagined & makes my heart grow 💛✨

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