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Dead or not dead?, That is the Question. Which will you be? Hurry though because there are only 12 days left to register!!! TICKETS ARE ONLY $30 *Registration Closes July 23 ONLY 30 Early Bird tickets Available!* On July 28th 2018 you will fight against 30-90 man armies. Take your army on a Galactic Conquest, Star Wars Risk style, on over 100 acres. *No uniform requirement you will be armband with your team color.* 5 30 man Armies Battle it out on a map Risk style with a Star Wars Twist. You want NON STOP Action? This is the game for you! Make sure you pack extra bottles of BB’s because you are going to use all of them this is BB WARS!!! *Not in Affiliation With Airsoft GI’s BB Wars or Game Style*

Registration/check in: 730 to 915
Game Briefing 915
March out at 930
Game on 10am

Check out, Instagram @titanmilsim, and Twitter @titanmilsim
for more information on upcoming events and games.

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