Instagram post by @lancepekus Lance Pekus Cowboy Ninja

Something special about ranch dogs.
#cowboyninja #ranchdogs #dogs #poweredbybeef #idahome #groovelife


  • 14w ago patrickaregano patrickaregano


  • 14w ago jackhawaiian jackhawaiian

    hows second cutting looking?

  • 14w ago jsbmom2728 jsbmom2728

    Farm look huge. Hard worker

  • 14w ago milehigh_fit_52 milehigh_fit_52

    Yes they are always there for ya aren’t they I have a Border collie Aussie mix that is wound tighter then a banjo string

  • 14w ago rmarrone287 rmarrone287

    Awesome photo Lance

  • 14w ago babsbaby2354 babsbaby2354

    I think any photo that you post is awesome because you always include your personal surroundings..

  • 14w ago danielfullerkatz danielfullerkatz

    @lancepekus PLEASE work with no shirt on to even put that tan! Looks like you where elbow deep in a cow! Hahahahaha

  • 14w ago brooklynbaca_ brooklynbaca_


  • 14w ago angelsprayers69 angelsprayers69

    Hay I'm country too we do hard work hay I wanna join and I'm a woman that has dystonia parkinsons, fibromyalgia and cancer and I work out with the man also I want to prove that ill never give up just go to the top and hit that buzzer. I'm proud of you take a lot just to get in. But I want to show others we can do it no matter what

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