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I’m really enjoying exploring iPad drawing and painting. Is it possible that I might convert from a physical sketchbook to a digital one?! I can see lots of pros and cons. Has anyone out there made the switch or attempted to? Thoughts? I’d love to know!
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  • 18w ago furthermorepress furthermorepress

    Nope. Not on my list of things to do. I love the imperfection of pencil and paint. Messy hands. The sound of a brush in the water bucket. Mixing colors, glue, adding handmade stamps. I'll never subscribe to digital magazines and I'll never switch to digital art.

  • 18w ago diana_hfam6 diana_hfam6

    I’m still learning procreate. I like the touch sensitive Apple pen, but it’s not easy for me lol I love watching @hnicholsillustration She’s a pro!!!

  • 18w ago diana_hfam6 diana_hfam6

    @diana_hfam6 @diana.artjournal

  • 18w ago emilylagore emilylagore

    I love drawing on my iPad!! There was a huge learning curve for me to adjust to how “slippy” the surface is compared to the drag of an actual pen and paper. I love the Adobe apps - Adobe Draw is my fave - Procreate- Amaziograph. I find myself practicing on the iPad - swirls - straight lines - mandalas freehand - with no paper wasted I feel I can just doodle and doodle and I know the iPad has increased my drawing skills from it 👊🏻 Don’t think I could give up either my iPad drawing or my pen and paper drawing ☺️

  • 18w ago terrilisacreates terrilisacreates

    Yes I did. Definitely a different process but the pros out way the cons for me. I like that I have layers and can easily resize and move around parts of my image. Just used procreate for a commission piece and I drew the outline on my iPad and when I sent it to my computer to print it was the full size! (19 by 24 inches) making the copying to the final paper easy! I have heard about a screen protector that make the feel of paper. I may look into that, after my wallet recovers from craft day!

  • 18w ago sarahwilliaillustration sarahwilliaillustration

    Love everything that you've been posting recently!

  • 18w ago cherylturtlemoon3 cherylturtlemoon3

    I’m thinking about it seriously because it’s less “stuff” like paper and supplies which costs lots. They take up space too. Been planning digitally for about 2 months and I love the editing and tagging capabilities. I’ve got Procreate, and although I’m no artist, it’s easier and more convenient and I don’t need to drag supplies around with me. It’s made so much difference I’m seriously considering getting rid of loads of stuff from my craft room, and the best bit - I’m helping to save the earth as a by product:) @balzerdesigns :)

  • 18w ago annemarieboisvert2.0 annemarieboisvert2.0

    transition is not easy. More technical, less sensitive then real paint but an interesting alternative

  • 18w ago storywrtr storywrtr

    Drawing on an iPad is great, especially when I design places for my writing. Or just free-draw images I have in my head. I can do it at night, it’s relaxing. Fun. There are more colors and tools at hand than I have or can afford, physically. That being said, there have been glitches with the software where I’d lose my work. Times when I couldn’t get it moved from the iPad to my laptop so I was stuck trying to use both at once. Printed, it just doesn’t look as good, IMO. It loses a depth and sometimes the colors don’t translate because of the printer’s capabilities. I enjoy both, but I do find myself going to real journals and mediums for color often.

  • 18w ago terimarshallarts terimarshallarts

    I go back and forth. Love different aspects of each. Went back to school and took some Computer Art classes, Photoshop and illustrator, even 3d animation (they didn't have anything like that my first time through college). To me digital is just another medium.

  • 15w ago b_enchanted b_enchanted

    I started using Autodesk sketchbook across my Google and iPad devices and love it. Especially when my shoulder nerve acts up and I can't work like I want with real mediums. It's a great way to work out ideas in layers!

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