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Brainwave!!! The nebula paint looks absolutely gorgeous as the front panels of the corset!!! So I'm changing my plans for the corset. No stargazing unicorn with galaxy beading on the front, instead I'll be doing nebula paint on the teal silk. The side panels will still be the sparkled tulle. Rummaging through my stash last night I found another scrap of silk, but this is more pinkish. In my original plans I used a scrap of dark purple silk. I have barely enough of that for a corset, but with changing the front panels I can use it. You can see the purple in the upper right picture and on the left in the upper left picture. It does look good with the dark blue organza over the pinkish purple organza which also looks quite purple. In the lower right picture and on the right of the upper left picture you can see the pink silk with the sparkled tulle. It also looks good, but I wanted my Galaxy Unicorn gown to be quite dark, so far now I'm going for purple. If I mess up I'll always have the pinker one as a back-up.

I love it when designs change and evolve while working on them. I always start with some kind of concept and it usually ends up quite different 😃.

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