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This is a second nebula try-out paint I did yesterday. I'm quite pleased with the nebula pattern, but I'm still struggling with the hard edges of the paint. It needs to flow out more. I had made fabric wet and watered down the paint, but I think I need to water it down even more to get the effect I want.
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  • 14w ago hazarielcostumes hazarielcostumes

    I did something similar once, painting with a makeup sponge might help with the edges. Anyway it's beautiful.

  • 14w ago wendy.deglee wendy.deglee

    @hazarielcostumes Thanks for your feedback! I did use a sponge (not a makeup sponge), but I think the paint was just still too thick. It's all trial and error I suppose. I'm just learning how to do this as it's my first time using fabric paint 😃.


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