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MYSTERY EXPRESS 🚇 - Seeking a well-deserved break from your latest misadventures, you decide to splurge, treating yourself to the extravagant #luxury of the most talked about train of our time - the legendary #orientexpress. Most unexpectedly, and rather unfortunately, the holiday turns out to be short-lived. The #train has barely left Paris when word spreads that someone has just been murdered, and in the most hideous manner... 😵🔫 #bordspel #brettspiel #brætspil #jeuxdesociete #jocsdetaula #juegosdemesa #giocodatavolo #boardgame #boardgames #boardgamegeek #bgg #tabletopgames #gamestagram #gamenight #whodunnit @daysofwonder


  • 5w ago ginger_beard_geekdad ginger_beard_geekdad

    I'd not heard of that. Great artwork!

  • 5w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @ginger_beard_geekdad it’s an older deduction game by #daysofwonder.. I think it only got 1 print run or so.. it’s not an easy game 🤯 #mindblown Love the theme though! I recently watched the movie “Murder on the Orient Express and was looking for a fitting game :)

  • 5w ago kraatziecan kraatziecan

    I have his, but haven’t played it in ages!

  • 5w ago boardgamebjornis boardgamebjornis

    I always love days of wonders game. Got them all. And thought it's a nice theme, great art work, we prefer Mystery of the Abbey. I think maybe Mystery Express feels a little too luck driven

  • 5w ago frankenstein613 frankenstein613

    😍 Same! We did the book-movie-game for Murder on the Orient Express. Board game is out of print and was hard to find (in the U.S.).

  • 5w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @kraatziecan These deduction games just give me this warm cosy nostalgic feeling ☺️. Deducting the time of the murder was very hard though!

  • 5w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @frankenstein613 cool you managed to track it down!! I was lucky a friend owns a copy :) it was a fun game but a little bit more difficult than I expected..

  • 5w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @boardgamebjornis I actually have a copy of Mystery of the Abbey and I can’t wait to get that one to the table now!!!!

  • 5w ago boardgamebjornis boardgamebjornis

    @elinejansens mystery is very good. But man, my brain hurts! 😳

  • 5w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @boardgamebjornis Mystery Express was really hard.. 3 players guessed 2 out of 5 correctly and one player got 4 out of 5..

  • 5w ago boardgamebjornis boardgamebjornis

    @elinejansens it's been years since we played it. But I remember thinking that (and maybe because it Is too difficult) it got down to luck. Because you can go get action cards or whatever so you don't have to deduct. There's a little bit of that in abbey as well, but mostly you can deduct. If your brain doesn't melt in the process

  • 5w ago frankenstein613 frankenstein613

    Ooh! Have the Abbey game, too! Love it with medieval chant music playing on the background! Pairs well with monastery brewed ales and soup... and The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco! Movie is also okay.

  • 5w ago epicpandadk epicpandadk


  • 2w ago melpickle42 melpickle42

    I love your page


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