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  • 10w ago kanklekiller187 kanklekiller187

    Couldnt agree more. Chuck shld have to start over. Fckn guy needs to go back to ricers with that attitude. He was doing so good for so long. When Reaper asks u politely to just calm down u shld pry re-evaluate the situation ur in 😂👀

  • 10w ago lilliespapa lilliespapa

    The whole show is losing it’s a lore.....

  • 10w ago lil_rabbit3d lil_rabbit3d

    Chuck is just a little bitch

  • 10w ago d_fkn_money d_fkn_money

    They gotta come up with a set of rules that are actually fair to everyone

  • 10w ago tokyosmash tokyosmash

    @kanklekiller187 I’m really surprised James backed down when Chuck started yelling at him, James isn’t a bitch.

  • 10w ago tokyosmash tokyosmash

    His car is fast 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 10w ago racecars.unstoppable racecars.unstoppable

    @tokyosmash He beat Ryan twice

  • 10w ago racecars.unstoppable racecars.unstoppable

    @lilliespapa No it’s just the fucking egos, stop bitching and race

  • 10w ago rtr_motorsport rtr_motorsport

    I stop watching over 2 seasons ago! Stop the drama and whining and jus street race!

  • 10w ago racecars.unstoppable racecars.unstoppable

    @rtr_motorsport Just the bottom of the list tbh

  • 10w ago hdspringer65 hdspringer65

    I’m wondering who burned monza down for next weeks bad crash. It almost looked like Shane but not sure how that could be.

  • 10w ago kanklekiller187 kanklekiller187

    @tokyosmash agree’d. It would be an interesting fight for sure. Even Shane might him look foolish. I dont agree with how he was acting either but come on he just curbed his car at over 100mph. He even said come on just do it then , but ballsack had to keep running his mouth and calling everybody else the drama queens. I hope he ashamed of how he behaved. When he’s level headed he seems like a great guy but damn

  • 10w ago tokyosmash tokyosmash

    @kanklekiller187 I’d wager money that James would knock Chuck out.

  • 10w ago tokyosmash tokyosmash

    @racecars.unstoppable you ain’t neva lie

  • 10w ago scale_outlaw scale_outlaw

    @tokyosmash yea but I think goad just realized this ain’t really his problem to fight about, he tried to be a good samaritan but then said fuck it haha

  • 10w ago scale_outlaw scale_outlaw

    @hdspringer65 he was racing Chuck when he wrecked

  • 10w ago jesse5434 jesse5434

    @daddydaveandgoliath has a fast mf,but they aint no got anything for @bigchiefokc. That pass he made he GAPPTIEST #GOLIAT,dodnt get me wrong dave will have his car on point race night. But he break it every time he races ut against chief,n @lutzracecars n he diffently break it against ryan n fireball. And he not even pulled up against monza yet. I dodnt see why lutz got mad at chief,he raced n beat #GOLIATH n now he got race 3. Im with @murdernova WHY are you racing to b #1. Some them there cause the cameras n money,tat show has help everyone them. Chuck with the NOPREP DEAL n the sponsors they got now. Even @jj_da_bossmso crazy ass he mite not say he has no sponsorship but how hell you getting all this stuff. Which im NJ ot mad,just trying make q point,the @stoutlaws 405 has a bad apple on the list. When he wasn't one it they wasnt a problem 1. But when he got beat off the 1 spot n lost it he actually lost it. N the race master had it out with him in the past. #BIGCHIEF #CROW #TWINTURBOS #MURDERNOVA #187 #RUTHLESSBITCHS #MIDWESTSTREETCARS #405

  • 10w ago washingtonsr.anthony washingtonsr.anthony

    The baddest outlaw street Racer in my book

  • 10w ago mgruska16 mgruska16

    The show is ruined, it’s been on it’s down fall after season 7 every season after 7 the show just got worse and worse ever since chief brought out that promod little did he know it was going to start the complete down fall of the show, it’s all big money and big ego anymore, no more brotherhood,no more friends even though they say they want to still keep the brotherhood for the benefit of the team Monday’s episode shows their egos just won’t let them do that and if things stay the way they are now if the show makes it to season 15 I will be shocked,this whole “street outlaw” empire is going to end soon.

  • 10w ago hdspringer65 hdspringer65

    @scale_outlaw ok that makes more since. Was it camera trickery then when they showed big Chief getting frustrated pulling that car up to the line. Right after that it showed monza crashing. I wouldn’t put it past the tv crew if they mixed and matched a ton of clips to add drama when they already have plenty.

  • 10w ago hdspringer65 hdspringer65

    @racecars.unstoppable not sure about that. Murder nova was starting shit between Lutz and Ryan. It’s pretty much top to bottom drama as of the last episode.

  • 10w ago roadhawg864 roadhawg864

    @jesse5434 WHAT?

  • 10w ago jesse5434 jesse5434

    @roadhawg864 his post said really hope see daddy dave at 1. I said with pass chief made they aint a car on that list right now can touch him.

  • 10w ago jimmy.wesson jimmy.wesson

    The non race was bullshit. Don't understand why Dave didn't press the issue.

  • 10w ago racenrock racenrock

    @rtr_motorsport It’s outlived it’s run imo.

  • 10w ago scale_outlaw scale_outlaw

    @hdspringer65 oh they definitely do that on the teasers for suspense to hook people, but in some earlier episodes in the intro they showed more clips of the wreck and could chuck, it’s actually my last post

  • 10w ago dw.campbell dw.campbell

    He'll get it done he change rear smoke the tires he hardly ever does that he comeing hard 👍👍😎😎#teamcomstock #405rideordiecrew

  • 10w ago chadhigg111 chadhigg111

    Finally sits right!

  • 10w ago racecars.unstoppable racecars.unstoppable

    @hdspringer65 It was true what he said. Lutz could of called Ryan out for next week and not race that night

  • 10w ago racecars.unstoppable racecars.unstoppable

    @jimmy.wesson Dave does it to get in people’s head. He knows what he is doing

  • 10w ago menong70 menong70

    The 405 is divided!

  • 10w ago racecars.unstoppable racecars.unstoppable

    @menong70 divided by fat ass egos who can’t stop bitching but, always cry about something and not race

  • 10w ago tj.684 tj.684

    Race car version of Orange County choppers.

  • 10w ago mustang_mason14 mustang_mason14

    I don't care bout the show as much as I used too. I like watching murdernova and dave do radial stuff much better anyway

  • 10w ago _rockyourworld_ _rockyourworld_

    @chadhigg111 yea probably helps him hook better

  • 10w ago hdspringer65 hdspringer65

    @racecars.unstoppable not denying that. I’m just stating that the drama isn’t just in the bottom of the list. It’s from the #1 spot on. And I’m a huge @midwest_streetcars_media fan. Honestly I like almost the entire list. But the 405 is a drama queens dream world.

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