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🍫🍃CHOCOLATE MINT???🍃🍫 Did you know this was a thing?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ .
🍃It wasn’t until this year that I was introduced to the sweet refreshing herb by a dear friend. Chocolate & mint... all in one little green leaf! 🍃Who knew? 😃
🍃My friend gifted me some clippings from her herb garden 👩🏻‍🌾 & chocolate mint was one of them. 💥SCORE!💥 #freshherbs .
🍃So, for this morning’s superfoods smoothie, yep... you better believe I blended some of those suckers into my chocolatey goodness! 😜❤️🍫🍃
🍃You know those ever-so-precious Andes after-dinner chocolate mints you get @ Olive Garden? Yeah, it tastes just like that - only x20! 😆 And, without the sugar. 😂👍🏼
👉👉You’ve gotta try it!!!👈👈 .
➡️If you’re ever interested in trying some of these delicious recipes I keep posting, let me know! Let’s get you some samples! 👊🏼 #chocolatemint #crazyherbs #sharingiscaring #superfoodsmoothie #shakeologyrecipes #healthyeatingideas #healthysolutions #chocolatelovers #mintyfresh


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