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Painting outside the lines with my little Warrior today. Time out painting pottery. We can’t show it to you for a week! Painting our faces was more fun for Scarlett. We seriously had paint everywhere!! ~~
This is what choosing JOY looked like today. Time out with a friend and getting messy with my daughter.
Life is messy. Pain is forever present. I push past my limits. I exist in pain. I live by choosing joy. These are my tiny spectaculars. .
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  • 19w ago mena.d.c mena.d.c

    @thejoywarrior cuteness overload keep being a bad ass warrior ❤️

  • 19w ago kbmajesky kbmajesky

    You are the definition of strength. That beautiful girl will not only know that her mom loves her but that her mom loves her enough to love her even when it hurts. You've given her everything 💙💜❤

  • 19w ago jillfrezados jillfrezados

    Thank you for choosing joy. You can’t imagine how watching YOU able to do it helps ME do it. If a daughter has a Mom who can show her how to do this, she will be able to do anything!

  • 19w ago mama2macnmav mama2macnmav

    You two are adorable. 💕.

  • 18w ago jamesfamilyfarm jamesfamilyfarm

    All this cuteness!

  • 18w ago embracing_my_wings embracing_my_wings

    Oh this! This! These pictures are pure gold. You two look so cute! Cuteness and badassery at the same time... Who knew. ❤️❤️❤️

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @mena.d.c Thanks Darlin! WE all should keep being badass warriors! 💙💙 Sending LOVE!

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @kbmajesky I hope so. She is such a beautiful Light! As I helped her paint her piece that was GINORMOUS, she helped retrieve paints I needed. We are such a good team. She is so compassionate & kind (and snarky- because she’s 10). We’ve given each other everything. This road has been long...and yet. I love you, Sister! 💙

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @jillfrezados Thanks Darlin. I am honored by your words. You humble me. Please keep choosing joy with me. 💙💙💙Loving you!

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @mama2macnmav you are so sweet!😘

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @jamesfamilyfarm 💙💙💙💙

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @embracing_my_wings Oh Yvon!! You make me blush- thanks punkin! Cuteness and badassery do exist at the same time!! I see it in you too!! I love us!💙

  • 18w ago bearclaw4 bearclaw4

    #badassery for real! There is real joy on both of your faces, paint spots and all. Your unstoppableness inspires me, and informs your daughter (and son) what a person can do when they set their mind to it! They are learning from you how to push beyond limits, how to keep going in spite of it all, and how to truly choose joy with your actions not just your words. Keep on keeping on, sister!!! 💙💙💙

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