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‘A good coach can deliver an excellent session, a great coach changes people’s lives!’ ---------------------------------------------------------------
8 years ago we invited the Vance brothers to come to UTS as we thought they would be more suited to training at our gym with the underground mentality and hopefully work there one day....little did we know that they would both leave such unforgettable legacies!! ---------------------------------------------------------------
So the time has come to watch the second of the two likeable twins leave for a job in professional sport. Over the last 8 years Stu has not only developed his biceps and sense of humour but joking aside he has grown into the epitome of a UTS coach...and some!!! His energy, passion, and let’s be honest dry but great sense of humour allied with a growth mindset to improve himself will truly be missed by not only the UTS tribe members but the coaching team and directors alike. Throughout the 8 years he has grown to become not just the Head coach at UTS but an unbelievable coach, mentor and great friend to so many people. --------------------------------------------------------------- You can't spell UTS without STU and we wish to thank him wholeheartedly for helping UTS to become what it is and also for all his hard work and efforts over the past 8 years

We’re not believers in wishing people ‘good luck’ as this act can imply an element of luck so we will say ‘All the best’ as we know Stu will prepare himself meticulously to take on his new role and be a huge success not just in his role in football but in his life!

Say farewell tomorrow at 6.30am for his final and ALWAYS popular class V02 - aka V0Stu


  • 22w ago katiemcgaff katiemcgaff

    All the best, Stu x

  • 22w ago mrsempullan mrsempullan

    @utsgym Noooo!! 😔 Everyone’s favourite coach- he’ll be missed! All the best Stu & make sure you pass on your play lists to the other coaches 😉

  • 22w ago cgalvin62 cgalvin62

    Go have a fab life Stu. You’ll be loved and respected wherever you go xx

  • 22w ago jenniferhackett jenniferhackett

    Ahhhh this is sad, going to miss your classes Stu. Onwards & upwards 💪🏼👊🏽 see u in Costa 🤣

  • 22w ago karlrogan87 karlrogan87

    All the best Stu 😊

  • 22w ago chloeheathxo chloeheathxo

    Good luck Stu your classes were always fun we will miss you 💪😊

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