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My nebula painting! I quite like the look of it. I think it does look like a nebula, especially with the glitter. Of course my husband didn't recognise it as a nebula, but I'm not letting doubt creep in.

Now on to planning how to use it on the forepart.
*1* My initial plan was to ombre dye the silk making it dark/black at the top, gradually lighter to the bottom and paint the nebula over the ombre dye. The unicorns will be embroidered on the bottom.
*2* New plan is to do the nebula painting somewhere in the middle of the skirt (larger of course than my test paint) and them embroider the unicorns partly over the paint. I should do a test embroidery over paint first.

Which design should I do? The first plan may end up being too dark as there's less contrast with the overskirts and the corset. The second plan may look as a weird blob in the middle of the skirt.

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  • 18w ago carolinsajur carolinsajur

    Definitely likibg the second plan better. Quite sure you have the skills needed to avois any akward Blopiness. Just hopibg one can indeed embroider over painted textures :'0 💕

  • 18w ago wendy.deglee wendy.deglee

    @carolinsajur Thanks for your feedback!! ❤❤ At the moment I'm leaning towards the second plan as well. I hope to do some test embroidery today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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