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  • 10w ago huskie1940 huskie1940

    Wyatt, RJ & Justin.

  • 10w ago her_favorite_poet her_favorite_poet

    @ettaduzit_betta 🏆👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 I agree wit that ..,,, @tylerperry give us regular ppl a shot u might find a super star 🌟 #WeReady

  • 10w ago thereal_nikkyblack01 thereal_nikkyblack01

    Thanks for signing the Cosby guy - shit real out here

  • 10w ago lady.monroe27 lady.monroe27

    Will you be bringing back Too close to home?? @tylerperry

  • 10w ago prophetess_tondra_wallace prophetess_tondra_wallace

    @tylerperry been waiting for you to discover me 😂 for real. I have a movie idea for you, with my story

  • 10w ago tooblessed38 tooblessed38

    Ericka, Wyatt, and Oscar

  • 9w ago lee.messenger.06 lee.messenger.06

    Erica was one,Oscar was one now it’s either Veronica or Candice

  • 9w ago andrea_renee206 andrea_renee206

    Can't be Candice or Veronica!

  • 9w ago

    Since three people are dying are you looking for new people because I’m looking for a job. I’m a recent college graduate whose looking for a career in film. I wanna be a director one day but I need experience. I’m a quick learner and a good listener. @tylerperry

  • 9w ago panamaaa panamaaa

    Wish I could audition for this show 😩 love this show !

  • 9w ago eluminamagazine eluminamagazine

    Benny, katherine, david and jeffrey’s new nurse boyfriend👀

  • 9w ago loloalbertkalu loloalbertkalu

    Veronica,Candice n jeff

  • 9w ago

    Anyone know where I can catch up? I'm far behind. I left off with the President candidate leaving. I didn't see the baby funeral if there was. But I did see Hanna saying Candy was conning this candidate for President. So .. I'm behind 😢

  • 8w ago leele82 leele82

    @lady.monroe27 thats wat im.waiting on too

  • 8w ago differentcloth_differentcut differentcloth_differentcut

    Anybody know where I can stream or purchase to watch from the beginning?!! @tylerperry no dvds? 😞

  • 8w ago remesa97 remesa97

    Oscar, Erica and Jeffrey baby mama

  • 7w ago

    At all, somebody help

  • 6w ago chu_sant chu_sant

    @tylerperry As a fan of Oscar Torre I would like for you to consider a spin-off of the Malone Family! I love his character, I'm sure there's a bigger Latino audience because of him and his enormous talent! I am watching now the Have and Have Nots cause of Oscar 😁🙏 and maybe you should do some kind of survey to see if a Spin-off of the Malones is something the fans would love, which I'm sure the Latino community will and will support ❤️🙏! I hope you at least give it a consideration! From a Die Hard fan of Mr. Oscar Torre 👏👍😍🙏!

  • 6w ago ms_teflonvon ms_teflonvon

    Oscar , Benny baby mom, the son and please take Veronica

  • 5w ago luvtalk luvtalk

    @tylerperry I must say I enjoy your movies, but your TV shows, specifically The Have and the Have Nots #HAHN is sickening. The acting and the time it takes to bring things to the light is horrible. It’s so slow. It is bursting my bubble every time I watch it. Expecting spectacular and what I get is a let down. Yes, I know you’ve done well but you’re doing to much to the point some of your shows are lacking good writing. This applies to If Loving you is Wrong too! I should have looked at another show tonight. Because again you’ve let me down.

  • 5w ago luvtalk luvtalk

    @tylerperry #HAHN is a horrible show. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. You really need to do better. This show is so weak it’s pathetic. I know you don’t care but I’m done. Will not waste my time looking at this show. The acting and writing is horrible.

  • 5w ago neceed neceed

    @tylerperry I have the keyboard for the #HAHN can we get an updated one? I love sending those pics and sayings thru text!!

  • 4w ago la.lessly la.lessly

    @differentcloth_differentcut Hulu

  • 4w ago differentcloth_differentcut differentcloth_differentcut

    @la.lessly omg this made my day! I’ve been searching for forever! Thank you!

  • 3w ago elessiecole61 elessiecole61

    Veronica please, Benny running from the mob, they are going to get him.Wyatt gonna overdose and that dam police officer got to go!

  • 3w ago parkgirlk parkgirlk

    The entire cast should go, start a new story line.

  • 3w ago ms_stormy_ ms_stormy_

    When is loving you wrong coming back on

  • 3w ago jacquelinewilson930 jacquelinewilson930

    Can you please help please please help me and my mom please help us out with FOOD everybody always think it's about money and it's not I just wish I had it like that' so I can just show people Please GOD help us please

  • 1w ago myloveisa187 myloveisa187

    @tylerperry you are a pure genius!

  • 1w ago russelllondia russelllondia

    Great show one of my Tuesday down time.

  • 1w ago russelllondia russelllondia

    Veronica, Benny & police

  • 1w ago darryl2013 darryl2013 hulu

  • 1w ago

    @darryl2013 i looked and didn't see

  • 1w ago darryl2013 darryl2013 it there just go to search and it will pop right up

  • 1w ago

    @darryl2013 ok

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