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  • 5w ago mstanmitch mstanmitch

    @tylerperry I cannnnot! My blood pressure is up! You out did ur self and I am only 5mins in new episode!

  • 5w ago amberjanaye amberjanaye


  • 4w ago hemphealthandwellness hemphealthandwellness

    Erica was supposed be pregnant and Giving Veronica hell..dam it Tyler lol

  • 4w ago skyyk95 skyyk95

    What happened to too close to home

  • 2w ago stardivabytches stardivabytches

    When is if loving you is wrong coming back on?

  • 2w ago catresa_reed catresa_reed

    Hopefully Veronica

  • 2w ago j_beauty74 j_beauty74

    This is my fav...

  • 2w ago vant18 vant18

    Please let Veronica be one,

  • 2w ago ettaduzit_betta ettaduzit_betta

    How awesome would it be if you created a show looking for actors? Kinda like America Next Top Model? We’re the people that are selected have to do short films every week? It could be called Tyler Perry’s “I’m Made For TV” 🧐🤔 I like that lol

  • 2w ago sandraderan sandraderan


  • 2w ago sandraderan sandraderan


  • 2w ago c_mills30314 c_mills30314

    Veronica is Great she’s not going anywhere

  • 2w ago natashayvettewilliams natashayvettewilliams


  • 2w ago jasonivey4 jasonivey4

    @tylerperry I'm a 16yr military veteran. Your story inspired me to move in faith and push my career in LA. ..its been slow but I was blessed to have one on film/ playwrights considered but I wasn't comfortable with the direction. Any interns/opportunities for ppl like me who takes this seriously but gave half my life to serve my country?

  • 2w ago ____queencc ____queencc

    Sooo, About that new series you’re working on; How does one become apart?

  • 2w ago huskie1940 huskie1940

    Wyatt, RJ & Justin.

  • 2w ago her_favorite_poet her_favorite_poet

    @ettaduzit_betta 🏆👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 I agree wit that ..,,, @tylerperry give us regular ppl a shot u might find a super star 🌟 #WeReady

  • 2w ago thereal_nikkyblack01 thereal_nikkyblack01

    Thanks for signing the Cosby guy - shit real out here

  • 1w ago lady.monroe27 lady.monroe27

    Will you be bringing back Too close to home?? @tylerperry

  • 1w ago prophetess_tondra_wallace prophetess_tondra_wallace

    @tylerperry been waiting for you to discover me 😂 for real. I have a movie idea for you, with my story

  • 1w ago tooblessed38 tooblessed38

    Ericka, Wyatt, and Oscar

  • 1w ago lee.messenger.06 lee.messenger.06

    Erica was one,Oscar was one now it’s either Veronica or Candice

  • 1w ago andrea_renee206 andrea_renee206

    Can't be Candice or Veronica!

  • 1w ago

    Since three people are dying are you looking for new people because I’m looking for a job. I’m a recent college graduate whose looking for a career in film. I wanna be a director one day but I need experience. I’m a quick learner and a good listener. @tylerperry

  • 1w ago panamaaa panamaaa

    Wish I could audition for this show 😩 love this show !

  • 1w ago eluminamagazine eluminamagazine

    Benny, katherine, david and jeffrey’s new nurse boyfriend👀

  • 1w ago loloalbertkalu loloalbertkalu

    Veronica,Candice n jeff

  • 6d ago

    Anyone know where I can catch up? I'm far behind. I left off with the President candidate leaving. I didn't see the baby funeral if there was. But I did see Hanna saying Candy was conning this candidate for President. So .. I'm behind 😢

  • 3d ago leele82 leele82

    @lady.monroe27 thats wat im.waiting on too

  • 15h ago differentcloth_differentcut differentcloth_differentcut

    Anybody know where I can stream or purchase to watch from the beginning?!! @tylerperry no dvds? 😞

  • 1h ago remesa97 remesa97

    Oscar, Erica and Jeffrey baby mama


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