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After a long soak at 1300 yesterday, I tack welded the forged out crucible steel billet to a piece of heavy wall tubing and chucked in my mill to flatten. The stuff now machines like butter. I've tried all sorts of tricks to try and clamp a bullet in the mill to face them flat, in the end I've found a couple heavy racks from a welder on a sacrificial piece of metal works the best.


  • 27w ago hillbillynick2000 hillbillynick2000

    Good idea! I've looked at magnetic chucks but they're so freaking expensive!

  • 27w ago sugarcreek_forge sugarcreek_forge

    That is a a very clever trick. Almost every post you make I think, “Dang I need to go hang out with Zeb and learn how to do that!” 😆👍

  • 27w ago zebdeming zebdeming

    @sugarcreek_forge one of these days, I want to make it down to your shop and hang out

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