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  • 18w ago gregfoster2295 gregfoster2295

    Love the hair

  • 18w ago yogiforthree yogiforthree

    Hey what products do you use? I love your curls!

  • 18w ago arielsmith617 arielsmith617

    @gregfoster2295 thank you

  • 18w ago arielsmith617 arielsmith617

    @yogiforthree thanks hun♡ I switch my wash products every month. So for this month im using as i am co-wash, NYM conditioner the one in the blue bottle and every now and then ill use shea moisture weightless shampoo. For styling products i rarely ever style my hair i only use my NYM as a leave in and when i styly my hair i use shea moisture JBCO, shea moisture leave in spray treatment, maui moisture vanilla bean frizz spray, shea moisture coconut hibiscus mousse, deva curl light defining gel and deva curl styling cream. i dont use all these at once. Thats just way to much ill use at most 2 styling products. Ive literally tried sooo many and these so far are the ones i like using. Every now and then ill find some new stuff to try.

  • 18w ago yogiforthree yogiforthree

    @arielsmith617 thanks so much for replying!!

  • 18w ago celaiwest celaiwest


  • 18w ago arielsmith617 arielsmith617

    @yogiforthree of course. Hope it helps

  • 18w ago curliciousness curliciousness

    Great pic 💛

  • 18w ago arielsmith617 arielsmith617

    @curliciousness thank you♡

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