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I cut my dad (big D)’s hair in the barbershop today. This is a big deal because it’s the first time in this barbershop, second haircut I’ve done on him in my chair in 5 years. He’s always cut his own hair at home, when I lived there I used to finish the neck line for him (or sometimes @jamesbrownless had a bash) but he’s always insisted on doing it himself as he doesn’t want to “waste one of my appointment slots” as he used to put it. He’s converted to coming to the barbershop since his working hours are a little less since he retired from the police and he can get across for regular trims. I don’t even care if nobody reads this or thinks “oh wow that’s a cool haircut” because it’s the most important haircut I’ve done this year and I’m just buzzing!!


  • 19w ago bobby____jay bobby____jay


  • 19w ago maddisontrothxx maddisontrothxx

    He’s well chuffed with it aswell! ❤️

  • 19w ago oran_lasocki oran_lasocki

    Respect, man. 👊

  • 19w ago cutthroat_george cutthroat_george

    Yes mate! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • 19w ago the_northern_barber7 the_northern_barber7

    Superb brother

  • 19w ago d0m1n1cnolan d0m1n1cnolan

    💪🏻 give him a Gary trim 😂

  • 19w ago jamescage jamescage

    Nice one dude 👌🏼

  • 19w ago _gilly_hd _gilly_hd


  • 19w ago aguesty1 aguesty1

    Thought he looked fresh walking through Tesco car park with his takeaway

  • 19w ago andrewmoorcroft andrewmoorcroft

    It's the little things in life isn't it

  • 19w ago its_me_tommy.g its_me_tommy.g

    Classic cut. ✌️

  • 19w ago shadowgallerybarber shadowgallerybarber

    Understand where you’re coming from, fella. Whether I’m cutting my old mans or my little brothers hair, it’s my favourite time cutting. Whether it’s a simple trim or not, it’s still my favourite 🤙🏻

  • 19w ago mr_j_eaves mr_j_eaves

    Respect to the old man ! He is looking well 😂👍

  • 19w ago themodbarber themodbarber

    Perfect my Dad never liked taking up time in the shop respect to you Instagram feed doesn’t have to be about our haircuts 👍🏻💈👏

  • 19w ago bhg70 bhg70

    That is one hell of a head of hair for a retired gent !

  • 19w ago joewilkinsonbarber joewilkinsonbarber

    Time with the old man over any clients always 🙌🏼

  • 19w ago cyrus_griss0m cyrus_griss0m

    Big D might need a rethink 😬
    Hope he’s enjoying retirement 👍

  • 19w ago matthewjessop matthewjessop

    My dad’s is always the most important haircut I do in my chair, big respect brother.

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