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This is choosing JOY. It’s also a fun way to GIVE and GET love. My Hubby was off today and so Scarlett got to choose something to do to get us out of the house for just a bit. Her immediate answer was to go to the Humane Society to love on the sweet rescues. OH.MY.HELL!!! We just could not get enough. We loved and loved on them. And they loved us right back. ~~
Sometimes in the lows of this recovering from my brain surgery, I just need to be fed (food, yes. I know. I know). I need all kinds of nourishment. And this is high on the list. I really didn’t have to do anything. I sat down and 3 puppies just piled on my legs as close as they could be and fell asleep. And I was still. I just had to be. ~~
This morning I talked about being in that place where I’m just so tired again. I’m struggling with many parts of me in my life & what the forever of a f💙cked head & face look like to me. Feel like to me. It’s an enormous weight on my chest. Heavy. ~~
And then this Light with Scarlett. Thirty minutes of us just soaking it all up. Her giggles were music to my ears, a melody my heart swayed to. We were just us. My pain tagged along as it always does. Tug-o-war. Joy and pain. And yet. This is choosing JOY with my daughter. Our great escape today. A tiny spectacular. .
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  • 18w ago susancimmino susancimmino

    Were you able to leave without taking somebody home?? 🐶 🐱

  • 18w ago

    I JUST told my brother we need to do this very thing! You've inspired me even more!!

  • 18w ago 18tjettagrl 18tjettagrl

    Omg yes!!!!

  • 18w ago karynlind karynlind

    Those little furry kids give more joy than we can ever give back. ❤️

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @susancimmino Um...yes. The kids and I are aching for a puppy or any rescue. I qualify for a support fur baby on so many levels. It’s Mr. Joywarrior that needs some more bending. Eventually we’ll get there😉

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior Oh Erika- you will not regret it! Just go. Such a gift to them & you. 💙💙💙

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @18tjettagrl The.Very.BEST 30 minutes of the day!!! 😘

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @karynlind Seriously Karyn. We will go back again this weekend for sure!! 😉

  • 18w ago southerngirleats southerngirleats

    What a beautiful moment. Love this. Animals have the best kind of healing love. ❤️

  • 18w ago susancimmino susancimmino

    @thejoywarrior well tell Mr Joywarrior you want one asap. They bring so much joy to a home. Maybe you can get for you and one for everyone else. 🐶🐶

  • 18w ago 18tjettagrl 18tjettagrl

    @thejoywarrior sounds like I needed to do that yesterday lol

  • 18w ago karynlind karynlind

    @thejoywarrior omg my fur babies are my saving grace. They are the best at calming me down.

  • 18w ago leanatalbott leanatalbott

    I love you, dear one. I’m so glad you are finding Joy and healing through the little things. The valley is a tough place, but you are not alone. You are brave and strong and joy is all around you. (And precious little pups 🐶) ❤️

  • 18w ago marieizzi marieizzi

    Sooo much cuteness in these pics! 💞♥️

  • 18w ago millieschlabach millieschlabach

    Ohhhh I love it!! Kitties are my absolute favorite. You’re looking great!

  • 18w ago laurapward laurapward

    Furry friends are so magical. 😍

  • 18w ago ediematy ediematy

    That’s just the best damn thing ever.

  • 18w ago lilwil1990 lilwil1990

    Sweet! #scarlettnmombucketlist

  • 18w ago flyingvee1 flyingvee1

    Oh, THIS! I love the way that black&tan pup is looking at your girl in the third picture - thank you for sharing these bits of spectacular! Sending BIG BIG love, SWG‼️💗💗

  • 18w ago bearclaw4 bearclaw4

    This is the exact same joy my daughter chose over and over! 🐈❤️👧🏼❤️🐕

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @southerngirleats They do don’t they. Time w my girl does too 💙 Big HUG!

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @leanatalbott Joy is always available, Leanna. Always. Love you too!💙

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @marieizzi 😉😘

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @millieschlabach We have cats at home. They own my heart. Big LOVE!

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @laurapward Right?! My cats did not like the smells on us🤣 They are ALL magic though💙

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @ediematy It was!😘

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @lilwil1990 Awww. I love that hashtag! Stealing it with love!💙💙💙

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @flyingvee1 He was so so loving. We both wanted him. Oh my- heart stealer. Big LOVE right back to you Lovely Sister! 💙

  • 18w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @bearclaw4 It’s kinda the best! Going back this weekend!💙

  • 13w ago my.bipolar.mind my.bipolar.mind

    I volunteer at resxues all around my home state and its AMAZING 😍😭💖💖

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