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  • 19w ago naturalkind_ naturalkind_

    Wow 🙌

  • 19w ago j9marie_ j9marie_

    Thank you! ❤️

  • 19w ago brunettewithbounce brunettewithbounce

    Wow!!! So gorgeous!!

  • 18w ago julietrhodes julietrhodes

    Wow! How? Mine looks like the pic on the left so I'm interested...

  • 18w ago fleurdepoirrier fleurdepoirrier

    Would love to know how.

  • 18w ago j9marie_ j9marie_

    @julietrhodes ❤️ I got keratin maybe twice a year for about 5 years. I haven’t had a treatment maybe in 3 years and only straighten my hair once every two-three months 🤗

  • 18w ago j9marie_ j9marie_

    thank you so much! Ok so this is what’s been working for me for a while: Devacurl noo poo and one condition in the shower, then when hair is soaking wet I flip and rake in the curling custard by Cantu, clump then scrunch with my hands and make it squish! Then use microfiber towel to scrunch some more before I plop and go to bed. In the morning it’s still a little wet, so I diffuse (roots first) then use a pick and fluff when it’s completely dry. Then I use the coconut curling cream by Cantu for touch-ups!

  • 18w ago

    So beautiful! Crushing on those curls! 💗💗💗

  • 18w ago markusha_1108 markusha_1108

    @janinemarie415 wow!! Treating is rather complicated but the result is really awesome ❤️

  • 18w ago julietrhodes julietrhodes

    @janinemarie415 wow! Just keratin? It's so gorgeous!

  • 18w ago julietrhodes julietrhodes

    @julietrhodes sorry that should've read, "Just keratin!"

  • 18w ago crosscosalon crosscosalon


  • 16w ago martarsauce martarsauce

    Ok so my hair looks like the photo on left. I've been using Deva curl for years and I think I need a new product(s)

  • 16w ago martarsauce martarsauce

    @janinemarie415 must look into Cantu. My hair is tired of Deva curl. I've been using it for 10 years

  • 16w ago j9marie_ j9marie_

    @martarsauce I use the no poo and conditioner but everything else is cantu! Look at my curl highlight thingy my routine hasn’t changed since then ❤️

  • 16w ago martarsauce martarsauce

    @janinemarie415 I use the no poo as well, and their weighs my hair down as of lately. Thank you for the advice!

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