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  • 14w ago libby3libby libby3libby

    I'm not clear what you're saying with this.

  • 14w ago strongrightturn strongrightturn

    @libby3libby im saying the root is fakenews garbage.

  • 14w ago johndotcalm johndotcalm

    Funny how all the problems in the world are because of white people.. and all the greatness in the world is from poc

  • 14w ago thejemstate thejemstate

    *the Clintons

  • 14w ago authorwriter2003 authorwriter2003

    Regardless of who’s fault ... I’ve been to Haiti 🇭🇹 and it is a shit hole... one corrupted government after another then toss in the Clinton’s... well there you have it. 😱

  • 14w ago jbails99 jbails99

    It had nothing to do with color or race. Money is what caused it, enabled by the NGOs. It's sad

  • 14w ago p01s0n0us_x3ro_ p01s0n0us_x3ro_

    @authorwriter2003 I've heard some horrible stories about over there. I used to work for a company that sends cargo to Haiti. They're government is so fucked up, and people have to literally steal and kill in order to survive.

  • 14w ago james.justly james.justly

    Blame white people for hatians behaving badly. Sound like some black America bullshit.

  • 14w ago russianbotski russianbotski

    Except by 1804 they had killed or banished all the whites.

  • 14w ago rjunamusic rjunamusic

    is that a maga hat?

  • 14w ago rightwingism rightwingism


  • 14w ago authorwriter2003 authorwriter2003

    @his_queen561 True...

  • 14w ago nerysthesouthernbelle nerysthesouthernbelle

    Well they cleansed the island once before, looks like a revolution is necessary again.


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