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Lots of great athletes have played in this stadium! Now get ready to watch some great ninjas play outside @usbankstadium
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  • 23w ago obrienhana obrienhana

    Just watched your run! My favorite thing was the palpable love between you and Heather - so awesome to see!

  • 23w ago drg.andrewgiordano drg.andrewgiordano

    Way to go tonight! U looked strong! Good luck!

  • 23w ago ugotthis1life ugotthis1life


  • 23w ago thegainsgod thegainsgod

    @lancepekus good run brother. Idk if u remember me but we met at sevier air awhile back, jumped around a bit and talked lol.

  • 23w ago bladekelso bladekelso

    I see you out there Lance 💪🏼

  • 23w ago princessali13 princessali13

    @lancepekus you’re amazing!! It was beautiful getting to see Heather cheering for you. God bless you both. Y’all are such an inspiration

  • 23w ago teriann95 teriann95

    Awesome job on beating the course!! I always cheer for you! And to your wife may she continue to get stronger! God Bless you and your family! 😊❤

  • 23w ago gmcvegas24 gmcvegas24

    YEE HAW COWBOY!!!! I am Soooo PROUD of and HAPPY for You Lance!!! I just watched You Cowboy Up!!! YEE HAW!!! 😁🤗😊👍👏👏👏👏❤💙❤🙏🙏🙏

  • 23w ago gmcvegas24 gmcvegas24

    Howdy Heather, You look Amazing and sooo Beautiful Girl!! I think about You and pray that You will soon be healed! You got this!! Glory to GOD...😊❤🙏🙏💖💗🙂

  • 23w ago jleishman5 jleishman5

    When will it be on TV?

  • 23w ago jsbmom2728 jsbmom2728

    Me bad . They didn’t stop the show, continued and showed lance run. 👍👏👏 great job. Your wife is awesome

  • 23w ago jsbmom2728 jsbmom2728

    Who can not love you both ❤️

  • 23w ago jsbmom2728 jsbmom2728

    @_saarthaksharma where I live they kept show on to see all runs so didn’t miss @lancepekus

  • 23w ago marcyring marcyring

    Great run tonight! Connor was wearing his cowboy ninja shirt rooting you on!

  • 23w ago mr.belmont1 mr.belmont1

    Nice work man!

  • 23w ago aaronhedenstrom aaronhedenstrom

    Yeah Lance!! Great run!!!

  • 23w ago bodybymojo bodybymojo

    Great job @lancepekus ! That was a great run and it’s awesome to see that Heather is getting some great treatment and that she was able to join you this year! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • 23w ago skolsister813 skolsister813

    Hope you enjoyed my hometown!

  • 23w ago jcrady jcrady

    Just an amazing miracle to see you two tonight on ANW!

  • 23w ago colc_9710 colc_9710

    Awesome pic so happy for you that heather was able to support you in person good luck to you this season lance

  • 23w ago rmarrone287 rmarrone287

    That is an awesome photo of you Lance @lancepekus

  • 23w ago terri_hudson93 terri_hudson93

    Thank you for inspiring so many to fight for their lives. I am a muscular dystrophy fighter. You inspire me. God bless you and your family.

  • 23w ago beef2nuts beef2nuts

    Great run, Cowboy! 🤠

  • 23w ago timw.riecker timw.riecker

    You rocked it dude! Glad to see your wife on the side line cheering you on. She is an inspiration! 😉

  • 23w ago muddyminglersnbcspartan muddyminglersnbcspartan

    Way to crush the course, Lance! Prayers for you and Heather!

  • 23w ago lancepekus lancepekus

    @bodybymojo thanks! Congrats on the new little one!

  • 23w ago lancepekus lancepekus

    @thegainsgod thanks! Yeah @sevierair was fun and I remember ya

  • 23w ago lancepekus lancepekus

    @all_the_wild_things_nutrition thankyou!

  • 23w ago lancepekus lancepekus

    @ms_4_ms thankyou

  • 23w ago ms_4_ms ms_4_ms

    @lancepekus Congratulations on moving on to the next round! It would be an honor to send you and Heather two of our Official MS4MS #spreadingORANGE MS awareness athletics shirts to help raise more awareness of Multiple Sclerosis! Please let us know if you are interested and good luck!

  • 23w ago thegainsgod thegainsgod

    @lancepekus you smoked the course man. Maybe ill run into you again sometime lol im actually from Ohio we were just on vacation

  • 23w ago beckylouise beckylouise

    It was so great to see your beautiful wife on the sideline last night cheering you on. ❤️

  • 22w ago markchurch4real markchurch4real

    Your wife and her story inspire me and so many. Thanks for sharing this very personal side of your life with your fans..Great job getting to the city finals.

  • 22w ago f14flyboy f14flyboy

    Seeing your wife with you was priceless, God bless you both and I pray her treatments will help...

  • 22w ago jodybramer jodybramer

    I have MS also and love the support you have for your wife and all the support the Ninja Nation gives her and MS!!! 💕

  • 22w ago rn_adventureboy rn_adventureboy

    You were awesome as usual! It was great to see the update on Heather, and seeing her there with you. You both have thousands of people praying for you to succeed, and for Heather to find something to slow her progression.

  • 22w ago angela_booknerd angela_booknerd

    Beautiful couple @lancepekus

  • 22w ago ashleynworstell1986 ashleynworstell1986

    My mother suffered from ms, she had it for 30+ years!! Praying for your family!!

  • 21w ago msandcannabis msandcannabis

    I recently started ocrevus which is an infusion twice a year to try to help my primary Progressive multiple sclerosis. If you don't mind me asking what treatment is your wife going through currently that was mentioned on ANW?

  • 14w ago 118dbmix 118dbmix

    Hi Heather! Just wanted to tell you that you are in my prayers daily. I bet your smile melts that tough Cowboy every time.

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