Instagram post by @_anthonylee_ Anthony Lee 🐯⛩ KINJAZ

Alrite, so I’ve only been home for 4 days and I’m leaving again today for another 3 weeks so it’s been hard to spare some time for the instagram...but I have to give out a suuuuuper belated birthday shout out to my brother @bam_martin 🎂 For anyone who doesn’t know, we first got down on stage together for a small gig called “Heroes” as part of the all wonder woman group, Sheroes. (Also got down with @patcruz for the first time there too!🤙) But our real friendship was built over the course of moments like these...all overseas. In our later adult lives we rarely got the chance to kick it back home in LA. It was always some random place in the world 🌍 Spain, Sweden, Germany, Russia, etc. But EVERYTIME I kicked it with this guy, it would always be the best vibes paired with great and meaningful conversations. (Aye pho at the hip drop tho!) through it all, it’s been and continues to be an honor to share the stage with him still. Everyone, please wish this man a most prosperous year ahead. #kinjaz 🐯


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