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Horacio Pagani wasn’t happy when we told him @esmotor_uk is going to tune the car to get 1500 HP out πŸ˜‚. Great video by @seenthroughglass πŸ‘

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  • 33w ago azzurrodino azzurrodino

    Hahahahaha he is a good Man

  • 33w ago aperezane aperezane

    Nice 😳

  • 33w ago ishpal123 ishpal123


  • 33w ago es_vulcan es_vulcan

    Class act πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • 33w ago jayvj jayvj

    @azzurrodino 100%, great guy

  • 33w ago es_vulcan es_vulcan

    I love he fact you told him @esmotor_uk are going to tune the car. 😎

  • 33w ago la_kamz la_kamz

    Serious ? Sickkk

  • 33w ago catacombs_dj catacombs_dj


  • 33w ago vdautomotive vdautomotive

    Very very nice @jayvj 😊

  • 33w ago bitofpizza bitofpizza

    1500bhp ? Nutter mate πŸ˜‚

  • 33w ago chris_dunlea chris_dunlea


  • 33w ago r32dq r32dq

    He should be though because you're improving on his work

  • 33w ago supercars_of_kent supercars_of_kent

    Oh that's going to be interesting.......

  • 33w ago boop14 boop14


  • 33w ago beautes_naturelles beautes_naturelles

    @dqsupercarspots no because they are tuning a rare car, shitting on his work on the engine and making the car overpowered

  • 33w ago r32dq r32dq

    @beautes_naturelles yeah a lot of rare cars get tuned, at the end of the day if the owners payed money for it and owns it outright they can do what they want, it may not be popular but those that don't like it have to deal with it! They're not shitting on it as tuning a vehicle means to improve its performance so they are improving upon his work and opening up the true potential of the car, and that won't be too overpowered to be honest as the current power of the huayra is actually underpowered if anything, @esmotor_uk @esmotor are masters of power and tuning and they know exactly what a car can handle and the perfect way to give that car the power and how to put it down, so it won't be overpowered it'll be fine, they build some of the fastest cars in the world

  • 33w ago amir__asm amir__asm


  • 33w ago saucywoman saucywoman

    I would love to see a tuning company tackle a Pagani

  • 33w ago c63_lukas c63_lukas


  • 33w ago sugihartougi87 sugihartougi87

    My dream car

  • 33w ago running.ins03 running.ins03


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