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I swear this just happened!.. Ok, a lot of unusual (and quirky) things do happen in my house (but never harmful or scary!)
Had been in my child’s room earlier, just checking in (she was sound asleep)
Went back in 5 mins later realising I forgot to take the books out that she likes to go to sleep with.... then noticed this (wasn’t there before). A tiny little Scooby doo figurine perched perfectly on top the foot of the bed...
It was at that point I heard a joking voice say.. “What?... It’s her guard dog!”..... 😳👻🤦‍♀️🤣 .... someone’s playing funny buggers in spirit!.. ❤️✌🏼🤓 #medium #lifeofamedium #psychicmedium #mediuminmelbourne #evidentialmedium #livingwiththedead #mediumship #mediumshipdevelopment



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