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**I feel a little scared and shy about sharing posts like this, but this is my reality, encounters with spirit, with at times my own (always very randomly when I least expect it, like in the moment described below) ** Just earlier when I was getting my toddler ready for bed, there was the usual mischief had by her, squirming and doing flippy things whilst trying to change her nappy and put her PJs on. In this moment, I felt dad there to my right. I saw him relishing and taking in the moment. I felt his love. I said out loud. “Hey Skye, did you know your grandpa in heaven loves you sooooo much?”
She said.. “Where is he?” I said “he’s hiding.” She started yelling out “where are you grandpa?.. Where are yooouu?” She starting searching behind chairs and walls, giggling and laughing. I felt him getting into the amusement of it all.. and playing too.
She suddenly announced. “Grandpas sleeping”. I said “yes, grandpas sleeping”.. then I stood in silence, sad. It was in that precise moment I heard.... “I see her always, through your eyes. I love her deeply, through your heart!” I know through my work that spirit will speak on behalf of many in the same situation. Perhaps your loved one had passed before meeting your children too? So if this resonates, then you need to take this message as yours too.

With much love,

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  • 6w ago maxinc57 maxinc57

    Thank you for sharing that experience Yvette. It was lovely.

  • 6w ago yvetteirenemedium yvetteirenemedium

    You’re welcome! Haha sorry still trying to work out insta. ;)


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