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архивы! не только фотографий но и литературные!
около месяца пролежало в заметках, мое первое и единственное творение на английском языке.
владеющие английским на высоком уровне, если вы найдете какие-то ошибки, напишите мне в директ.
хочу развиваться дальше!

I hope you'll see and understand
and find the truth beneath your lies:
you let the best slip through your hands.
the question with no answer: "why?" .
I'm not for you, you're not for me,
and it is as clear as a bell.
offended by the destiny,
made up a perfect farewell.

you are a stranger to yourself,
yet don't know how to live your life,
don't wanna be left on the shelf -
I hope you'll manage to survive,

find everything you're looking for,
and be the man you want to be.
I won't forget your tangled soul
and hope you will remember me.

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