Instagram post by @dsigini David Igini

What’s holding down your anvil? #soderfors #anvil #fir #chain #blacksmith #ymiwelding #blacksmithing


  • 37w ago wigginoutwelding wigginoutwelding

    Whos g

  • 37w ago wigginoutwelding wigginoutwelding

    Whoops haha......hit send by mistake. Meant to say whos got an anvil??? Lol

  • 37w ago go_ryno go_ryno

    Why don’t you trace around the base and countersink it a quarter inch with that router?

  • 37w ago dsigini dsigini

    @go_ryno I guess because I don’t have a router? This is a no tip no wiggle, even when doing horn work

  • 37w ago dsigini dsigini

    @wigginoutwelding I’ve got just one. You know somebody who wants to get rid of an anvil?

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