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The Sadness.
I don't really have an idea of who I would get to sing this as its quite personal. I know that on a production level I want it to end up one day sounding like Tritonals track "nothing like them" (which if you haven't heard it it is a beautiful EDM ballad track)
This song is about my brief experience with depression a few years back. It was my way of articulating to my friends and family when I was just a bit down, compared to clinically depressed. I named it the sadness so that it had a persona that was easily recognisable to the people in my life. My words themselves explain the track better than I could now. "I'm drifting through the soul of the darkness.
Fading into nothingness.
I'm floating like a star that is lifeless, a dying wish." Full track is uploading to IGTV as I type this, so check it out once it is done. I hope that if you have experienced any sort of depression that this track resonates with you ❤

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