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    It's clear that an agenda is being pushed harder on this topic than ever before. On the surface from so-called "progressive" liberals, it's all about acceptance. In actuality, it's about promoting anything unnatural and breaking up the family unit. In regards to the Satanism aspect, he's considered bisexual to the occultists, so I'm sure that plays a factor as well.

  • 28w ago ravenxd45 ravenxd45

    Luceferianism is real and all around us and most people are too blind to see.

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  • 28w ago the_paint_on_don the_paint_on_don

    Of course it is the Holy Bible sure isn't empowering them

  • 27w ago smooothey smooothey

    The Bible actually ways “man shall not lay with boy” saying that a grown man should not lay with a child. Not man should not lay with man. It was translated wrong. Whatever though, god ain’t real so.

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