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Happy Birthday Martyr Sayyid Mahmoud Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Mahmoud was born on 20 Shawwal 1415H in Zaria northern city of Nigeria.

He's the six son of Sheikh Zakzaky, attended nursery, primary and secondary at hometown Zaria.

In 2013 Mahmoud got admission at Almustapha International University in Beirut, during his stay at the school he's very pious, righteous and intelligence.

In 2014 International Quds day Mahmoud was shot along with more than 100 protesters, 34 attained martyrdom including his two elder brothers Ahmad and Hamid Zakzaky.

Mahmoud was the first attained martyrdom among Sheikh Zakzaky's children, he was shot when the protest ongoing, while Ahmad, Hamid were taken alive and tortured to death.

In December 2015 when Nigerian Army attacked Sheikh Zakzaky's residence Husainiyya and Darur Rahama cemetery 1000s members of the Islamic Movement were killed including his three junior Brothers Hammad, Ali Haidar and Humaid.

His parents Sheikh Zakzaky and Malama Zeenat were shot and detained illegally despite court order for their released in December 2016.

The cemetery were they laid down destroyed and exhumed by the murderous criminals Governor of Kaduna.

May the wrath of God upon all the perpetrators of #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria.

My heartfelt condolence to the Imam of our time Imam Mahdi (A.F), Sayyid Khamnei, Sheikh Zakzaky and all Muslim Ummah.

May Allah associate your soul Martyr Mahmoud Zakzaky your brothers and all the martyrs of the Islamic Movement with Martys of Karbala.


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