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  • 29w ago nicht_sehen__wissen nicht_sehen__wissen

    Youre right

  • 29w ago madzboutte09 madzboutte09

    Yeah right?! Why they want the help of US always?! They have rich neighboring countries, muslim countries like them. They should help each other after all they are muslims!

  • 29w ago satoshi36912 satoshi36912

    Pain in the stomach. 😨😨😰

  • 28w ago jburrough2000 jburrough2000

    There’s a reason those countries will not not take a single one of them.

  • 28w ago fahyou fahyou

    They don’t want them. And you get no rights as an illegal you get thrown in jail. Stateless

  • 28w ago fahyou fahyou

    @fahyou jails there are not jails like here lol

  • 28w ago gotdieareah93 gotdieareah93

    There are several good reasons why those countries don't let them in. If you lay with dogs you will get up with fleas.

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