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TEN months ago my car was stolen. Yes, STOLEN! 😳 Note: Most people who have their car stolen or written off get a new car within a few weeks. But no not me.
Ten months. 🤦🏼‍♀️
In that time I also a bad accident (causing me to miss my friend’s wedding and instead ride in an ambulance to Emergency 🚨 wearing in a neck brace #attractive).
In addition to this craziness of being ‘carless-Nat’, I’ve also had a horrendous year dealing with great pain, being brave and processing and uncovering trauma in therapy (using borrowed cars to get to my sessions each week). Therapy has led to great freedom, but also to an EPIC cracking open of a giant chasm of pain (in which I fell), leading to unbearable depression and anxiety. Ouch. 🌸
This whollllle mental process of dealing with so much (#stolencar #caraccident #intensetherapy) prevented me from working a whole lot, which affected my finances big time eg/ resulting in such shocking things as putting the toilet cleaner back at Aldi as I couldn’t afford it, and eating tuna and rice for weeks #woah #truestory #just2ofmanyexamples.
In the past year so much pain has arisen in my little heart and body, that it’s actually caused me to question my faith.
But that’s okay. :) Because if wasn’t okay, then fear would be the motivator and that’s not actually what God’s like.
So he can handle my doubts and questioning and confusion.
He’s kind like that. ☺️
All this to say..... it’s been a lonnnnnggggg confusing, uncomfortable, brave and courageous journey. 🌼
And then today a really wonderful thing happened.
Finally. After ten months of waiting, I was able to buy a car. :)
It’s actually a total miracle how it all happened, and way better than I had hoped or dreamed or imagined. #interesting
If you heard allthe details you’d be 😳😳😳 (and we’d also be here all day, DM me if you want to hear the story.)
Anyway, long story short. As confusing and messy...
.... continued in comments :)


  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @parisandprettypeonies aw thanks lovey, yep it’s so full on. But talking to someone is such a gift and there are always lots of options :):) Sharing has been the biggest help for me. More people than we realize face it so we need to make it more normal!! Lots of love to you xoxo 💕🌸🤗🌸

  • 19w ago char.c.cruz char.c.cruz

    You are courageous and you have such a huge and wonderful heart!! ❤️I am so happy to know you and to hear your brave story 😘Lots of xoxo

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @jflynnie thanks beautiful Jess, love you very much :) xoxo

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @sophie.leigh.walker yep sure is Soph xo Yes I would love to share it one day soon :) I love being authentic and vulnerable with those I feel safe with, and I love to encourage others to do the same as it’s the most beautiful, raw and rich thing we can do :):) Sending you and your fam a big hug xo Give your mum and Rach my love xo

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @char.c.cruz oh Charrrr thank you my dear friend I want to come to Seattle right now and hug you!!!! I am so cheering you on right the same xoxo so happy we are connected and I’m always her for you!! Sending a huge hug over the ocean right now!!! 🌸🌸💕💕

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @yvette__miller oh babes I love you so much. Now that I have wheels I must come see you!!!! Sending you the hugest smooch xoxo 😘

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @tannie319 love you Tannie xoxo

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @alexseeley yep there’s definitely power in it, this I can confirm. 😳💥 Love you and thankful for your friendship xoxo Cuppa on your decking soonnnnnn. X

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @jeankyriakou thanks Jean xoxo thank you for your love :) Sending a big hug to you xoxo

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @danielleclaire I know!!!! I can’t believe it. Such a surprise. God is so kind to me ;) Love you beautiful xoxoxo thank you for your car!!!!!

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @margieboxy love love love you Mumma xoxo 🌸🌸💕💕 Thank you for your constant encouragement. Xoxo

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @theanorris thank you thea xoxo 😘 yep authentic and courageous... I have to be honest it’s the only way I know now :)
    Love you lots thank you for your words xoxo ps how’s the house going?!

  • 19w ago astra_xo astra_xo

    Love your realness Nat, it’s so inspiring! How faithful is He! 💕

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

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  • 19w ago adricalderon adricalderon

    So happy for you! He's faithful, faithful, faithful!! Can't wait to see what comes from a season like this! Keep dreaming girl!!

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @eliserat @sherwantha thank you to you guys too 😘😘😘

  • 19w ago the_amor_key_project the_amor_key_project

    What a story sweet Natalie and thankyou for sharing - yes God is always faithful even when we can't see it xx He's in the detail

  • 19w ago naomikiara naomikiara

    You are one incredible lady ❤❤❤

  • 19w ago meandering_between_dreams meandering_between_dreams

    I've read the other little posts you made about therapy, but don't remember anything about an accident. 😕 Reading this makes me happy for you though not necessarily for the car, though that is a huge blessing but about the rest. It is a beautiful, even if painful in part, place to be in. Sometimes the only way up is down and only way down is up and sometimes at the same time. 😉

  • 19w ago noah.j.elias noah.j.elias

    @thewritersink so incredible Nat. You’ve remained faithful. Super proud of you!!

  • 19w ago meandering_between_dreams meandering_between_dreams

    By the way, Dan Mohler's stuff has been rocking my world, you'll probs like it too. 😉 I haven't watched this set, but he speaks from this basic platform most of the time.

  • 19w ago meandering_between_dreams meandering_between_dreams

    Oh! And I do want to hear the other parts of the story. 😊

  • 19w ago rebekahbelly rebekahbelly

    Hooray! You’re a survivor!

  • 19w ago kellytapley kellytapley

    You’ve been through so much my darling. May this car be just the start of a new, positive chapter in your story and bring you the peace and happiness you deserve 😘

  • 19w ago thelifeoflaurenmichelle thelifeoflaurenmichelle

    Thanks for sharing lovely!! You’re fearless! While yes we all encounter fear you are more than a conqueror. I’m so proud of you Nat. While plowing through your own stuff you still manage to encourage those around you daily, even when you don’t feel up to par. Love you! 🌴🌺👍🏻

  • 19w ago db19843 db19843

    You are amazing Nat so brave and courageous yes God is faithful and so good Amen!! Lots of love to you ❤❤🌹🌹🌹

  • 19w ago yvette__miller yvette__miller

    @thewritersink that would be brilliant if you came for a visit. Anytime and anyday of the week. Skyla and I are here xx

  • 19w ago ellen_mashizha ellen_mashizha

    What a journey! I am so happy you have a car and coming out of this incredibley hard season. Much love. Please rw

  • 19w ago ellen_mashizha ellen_mashizha

    .... Write another post at how you got your car 😊

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @astra_xo thank you beautiful girl xxx congratulations on getting married soon 💕💕💕💕

  • 19w ago christineebryant christineebryant

    @thewritersink You are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing so openly. There is so much power in testimony. Sending much love 💕 and hugs your way. 🙏🙏 And yes I also agree with @ellen_mashizha write the story about how you got your car. 😘😘🤗

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @adricalderon awwww Adriiiiiiii I miss you!! You are such a beautiful soul! Thank you for cheering me on. I love you!!! 💕💕🌸🌸

  • 19w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @the_amor_key_project thanks Amanda xxxxxx yes he is :)

  • 19w ago melinda_francis melinda_francis


  • 19w ago mumsthewordsy mumsthewordsy

    Nat you are bold and strong. Your story rings true for so many of us and thank you for sharing. God bless you and keep you mate and He has GOOD plans for you...(I know you already have that written on your heart). Big hugs sent your way...pretty wonderful car right there! 💓💓😉😉

  • 19w ago melinajane melinajane

    @christineebryant Yes! I want to hear the car story as well beautiful @thewritersink 💖😘

  • 19w ago anna.desigo anna.desigo

    Ooh my goodness I did only know about this axident ! Ill call you I want to know details.

  • 19w ago miriam_cummings miriam_cummings

    Yes my friend... “The one who calls you is faithful, and he WILL do it.”
    ‭‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:24‬ ‭
    Proud of you! X

  • 19w ago anna.desigo anna.desigo

    And what is the Australian police saying?

  • 18w ago moneysavingparents moneysavingparents

    A friends car was stolen this morning and she was told that if the claim gets processed she still wont be able to get a car bc her loan is more than the car value

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