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Kimchi soup made by @o0o_geniusyoon You know what? I ate a lot of Korean dishes because of this amazing chef 👩‍🍳 Thanks to her👍 She made me overcome homesick
And then went to see nightview of Wellington🌃🌌
Became emotional that I am going to leave this beautiful city😥😢 gonna miss this view
#newzealand #wellington #kimchisoup #withtofu #koreanfood #nohomesick #nightview #mtvictoria #mtvictorialookout


  • 6w ago o0o_geniusyoon o0o_geniusyoon

    언니가 항상 너무 맛있게 먹어줘서 너무 고마웠당♥ 최고의 손님♥♥

  • 4w ago dearear_official dearear_official

    umm I love it! 😍😍😍


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