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Everybody knows I love my cats more than life itself. They are my children and in a parental sense, I can’t imagine loving anyone more. I often wonder if love for my own daughter be a greater love by comparison?? Some people say once you have a kid, pets automatically take a second place (very hard to imagine). Others (@dear_kukula) say they become something like siblings. What’s your opinion? (Pictured: Magic ‘Chocolatito’ Starry Nights)


  • 6w ago edenmariejames edenmariejames

    My kitties are my children and they are siblings to my kids!

  • 6w ago edenmariejames edenmariejames

    And omg this cuteness is killing me @doedeere 😍

  • 6w ago the.mayqueen_ the.mayqueen_

    @mjones5018 thank you for saying what you did when you came back around. My reproductive system is very weak from prescription medication and I worry I won’t be able to bear children so my dogs are all I have. Everyone says a parent should never outlive their child and most are lucky to never have to, but it happens to “dog moms” over and over again. I think there’s more to it though than the vet visits and the walking. It’s the times you’ve had a bad day and they’re beside you. It’s when you’re sick and they can sense it. It’s when no matter what they are always happy to see you and you’re always happy to see them. It’s a different bond but it is a special bond to those that probably won’t know anything else. ❤️

  • 6w ago mjones5018 mjones5018

    @the.mayqueen_ I’m so sorry. And you’re right. It shouldn’t be a competition as to who has it harder or who loves what the most. I’m glad you are able to have that bond with another soul 💜

  • 6w ago mjones5018 mjones5018

    @carlyjaneloves_ actually, the words “would be” instead of “are on” sounds as if the answer is no. So.... that’s why I asked to clarify.

  • 6w ago mjones5018 mjones5018

    @carlyjaneloves_ when people speak of future kids they still use the word my.

  • 6w ago moronicmia moronicmia

    @mjones5018 I don’t have kids (yet?) but I do wipe one cat’s butt multiple times a day, we change sheets almost daily because she still manages to smear poop everywhere, medications twice daily to both cats, clean up pee, puke, vomit, and one likes to howl between the hours of 3:00 AM-5:00AM most nights until I get up and come see what he’s doing. Which usually is him just sitting in the hall. The other one has pika and I constantly have to get up and make sure she’s not eating things that could hurt her. All of these things take place on a daily basis and my cats will never grow up to be able to take care of these things themselves. I agree that being a mother to a human is completely different, but sometimes I wonder if it’s a lot of the same things 😂

  • 6w ago maybkatie maybkatie

    I feel this. I was born to be a dog mom.

  • 6w ago unicornmanor unicornmanor

    So cute!

  • 6w ago carlyjaneloves_ carlyjaneloves_

    @mjones5018 hmmm true that! My bad. 🤗

  • 6w ago mjones5018 mjones5018

    @moronicmia Jesus Christ you have some needy cats! Haha jk jk but for real, most people wouldn’t keep a pet that is that much trouble, so good job on that!!

  • 6w ago mjones5018 mjones5018

    @moronicmia but the howling and howling like they’re dying and you come see and it’s just them doing something mediocre and very usual..... that’s for sure the same as a child 😂

  • 6w ago chach0u51 chach0u51

    @grischiner les yeux de ouf

  • 6w ago mrsmarino mrsmarino

    My pets are my kids , when my son came along they became his siblings♥️

  • 6w ago mia.sanda mia.sanda

    @patriciabogdan 😍

  • 6w ago _meatsweats _meatsweats

    I thought the same thing, but my love for my son blew the love for my cats out of the water. Still love the furry guys, but my small human comes first. They both yell at me for food though...

  • 6w ago torifernleyhull torifernleyhull

    Unfortunately i cant really comment as i dont have children BUT i am a huge cat lover so I appreciate where you’re coming from. I don’t know if i could love another like i do my furry darlings

  • 6w ago the.mayqueen_ the.mayqueen_

    @mjones5018 and I am very thankful you can understand 😉

  • 6w ago moronicmia moronicmia

    @mjones5018 😂 they are REALLY needy!!!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😂 I’m sure that gets so old with a child too!!!!

  • 6w ago mjones5018 mjones5018

    @moronicmia pretty much anytime my husband talks to me, my son magically needs me right then.... when I finally say WHAT?!? He goes “uhh... look what I can do” and does something like a jumping jack or something that can totally wait 😂 pretty sure he doesn’t even know what he wants to tell me or show me he just knows I’m not paying attention and it’s not ok lol

  • 6w ago moronicmia moronicmia

    @mjones5018 😂😂😂 oh my god get out. That is too much!!!! I think I posted a video recently of Leo howling one morning. It’s just kind of a pathetic howl. It makes me giggle though. Lol

  • 6w ago winters_last_rose winters_last_rose

    Siblings. I grew up with my family cats as my older brothers. As will my cats be to our child when we have one.

  • 6w ago msrianita msrianita

    We have our dog @pharelchocolab way before we decided to have kid. after our son was born, my love for my dog remains the same. Our dog was there since day 1 and we will always consider him as an important part of the family. Norhing has changed really. Pets do make our lives whole ❤❤😍 #ilovemydog #crazydogmama

  • 6w ago patriciabogdan patriciabogdan

    @mia.sanda 🐱❤️❤️❤️

  • 6w ago whackassf.u.k whackassf.u.k

    How's your baby??? Any new ultrasounds??!!!

  • 6w ago

    @reqbat I was going to say this! When we had to evacuate for a fire, my son was in a carrier on my chest. We left all the house doors open for our beloved cats.

  • 6w ago reqbat reqbat

    @gypsyannaaf haha we did the same thing when there was an apartment fire!! I grabbed the kid & my purse & left the front door open 😂 the place reeked of smoke for months afterwards

  • 6w ago uberhoneybeauty uberhoneybeauty

    Siblings! They will protect your baby, watch! They might even try get into her bed to snuggle and lick her

  • 6w ago mjones5018 mjones5018

    @moronicmia and my 2 yo daughter is just like a cat when she looks you right in the eye as she breaks stuff or knocks things over or does what she knows she shouldn’t lol just like a dang cat

  • 6w ago uberhoneybeauty uberhoneybeauty

    @doedeere my sister actually rehomed her cat before her baby arrived I was so mad at her, I'm glad you are looking at it differently. There's so need to freak out, my cats played with, loved and protected my daughter and I just know yours will do the same xx

  • 6w ago liliumpoppy liliumpoppy

    @stvmallen hey kitty girl!

  • 6w ago verbenasheena verbenasheena

    It's a different love but the same amount none the less

  • 6w ago timethyst timethyst

    Agree with you so much 💜💜💜 I love all animals but cats really have a special spot in my heart, I don't know why, I think cats really have that effect 💜

  • 6w ago miss_zuzko miss_zuzko

    @dianajakubec lees de tekst 😁😍😍😍

  • 6w ago viviviki240 viviviki240


  • 5w ago demirbridgette demirbridgette

    adopted siblings like Cinderella story 😂😂 jk ! My baby first!!! Than my husband and my dog ... my dog is 6 years old any way, she is mature enough but my baby for sure needs me ... she is so lil yet ..

  • 5w ago meracleuwu meracleuwu

    Well I lack a general sense of sy/empathy especially towards babies and children for some reason (which is partially why I don’t want kids ever. I’d be the worst lmao besides we’re way too overpopulated so the world can do without my contribution) and even so when it comes to animals that’s when my heart melts and honestly I love my cat more than most people I know so I mean it depends on the person but most people would say that pets come second. I guess I just prefer the creature that doesn’t keep me up due to crying and screaming at night, doesn’t complain, and doesn’t require my attention 24/7 lmao

  • 5w ago adrianak415 adrianak415

    The love is different but one is not greater or less. Just different because one loves you so unconditionally (pets) and others can communicate more (kids, eventually). Idk if I'm using my words right here but it's just different but both are very strong

  • 4w ago evelyn_dahhhling evelyn_dahhhling

    I imagine it should just grow in the family sense. It sh

  • 4w ago justine_chantelle justine_chantelle

    @reqbat I agree 😊


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