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Updated the Sellfy to include more designs, all Spider-Man. I believe I ought to branch out more. I’ve got some ideas.


  • 24w ago suburban_spider suburban_spider

    So excited!

  • 24w ago kennethismeagain kennethismeagain

    Hi I’m new to this cosplay thing, and I’m wondering how can I print it? Can I just go to a sewing service and ask them to print and sew it for me?

  • 24w ago aaronalx11 aaronalx11

    Please upload the Homecoming, Iron Spider and PS4 please

  • 24w ago matsujpg.cos matsujpg.cos

    Amazing! You even marked sections of where parts go! Excellent work! Im very very impressed!

  • 24w ago spontaneouspelting spontaneouspelting

    @kennethismeagain you can’t go to any sewing service. You’ll need to find a place that does Dye Sublimation printing on Spandex. If you want it simplified, there are places that provide both that have a system layed out to keep the ordering process fairly intuitive.

  • 24w ago spontaneouspelting spontaneouspelting

    @aaronalx11 I can’t upload my Homecoming any time soon, I have uploaded the Iron Spider, accessible through my Facebook, but I would not advise using it yet. There is a long explanation of my plans for it there. PS4 should be on its way soon, but first needs some practical justice available.

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