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Ok right something sinister is DEFINITELY going down at P.O.I.N.T Prep, and I can’t wait until the theories roll in...
My current theory, although maybe not a good one, is that point is trying to obviously brainwash students or something to do evil for whatever reason there’s not enough info yet, or maybe chip damage has already brainwashed the teachers at point because they seem to know what’s going on and that’s one of the reasons Gar left? but idk it’s too early to tell that’s just what I think right now (also I hate Chip Damage now)




  • 6w ago gladiatorworkouts gladiatorworkouts

    Wow, love your account 😊 you seem pretty great! !!!

  • 6w ago marinette_thebugger_ marinette_thebugger_

    @gladiatorworkouts Thankyou!😊

  • 6w ago socialchibii socialchibii

    YES! FINALLY I FOUND SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHATS GOING ON ( I would post about it but I’m private and nobody that I know that follows me likes this show ;-; )
    I mean I never really liked him, he made me cringe...
    But realizing he does this to Students, like WHAT THE HECK CHIP!
    I feel like he works with Shadowy Figure because he had glorbs ( I think ) so he might be working with him ( or Venomous because we all remember the bio chip )

  • 5w ago dinoboi_21 dinoboi_21

    @socialchibiii I have to same theory

  • 5w ago socialchibii socialchibii

    @dinoboi_21 oof


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