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When a classic gets cooled down. Have you tried our frozen hot chocolate yet?


  • 20w ago dxfaroutman dxfaroutman

    No because they closed the Tim Horton's in Indianapolis.

  • 20w ago msdebramaye msdebramaye

    Come to fremont california PLEASEEEEEEE this canadian girl is dying without her daily Tims!!!!

  • 20w ago lilys.joie lilys.joie


  • 20w ago noah_oofs noah_oofs

    Will you go down to Tennessee or stay near Toronto

  • 19w ago gear_acres gear_acres

    Don't pay with a credit card. Staff dropped my credit card into the donation box and no one has a key. Manager will not pay to have lock drilled out. I was told to wait until manager returns to town which originally was after the 4th but now appears to be sometime today. I was advised by my attorney to call Grand Blanc City police and they will get my card back. Tim Hortons has my credit card and I need to buy lumber for a large project tomorrow. My afternoon and the remaining part of the day will be non productive as I have to wait for 'the call'. Asst Manager and Manager were rude. I will call the police at 5pm.

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