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#tbt on one of our several visits to this amazing #birdsanctuary @freeflightbirds! If you're in the #delmar area, please stop by & visit this #birdhaven! They take in & adopt #birds out. They truly care for & spoil each & every feathered #Crtr here. They live in a tropical paradise. They also have chubby koi you can spoil too!

You can learn so much about proper #birdcare & handling here. The more you visit, the more you learn. Having a bird as a pet is a lifetime commitment, as with any other animal (their lifetime), but most of these Crtrs can outlive you!
Personally, I have a #YellowNapedAmazon named Jito (2nd photo) & when I got her I was only 18 & knew so little about birds, but she chose me to be her mommy. Maybe I'll write a blog on how we met & how we are still together after almost 28 years now! Phew! It's been a wild journey!

In my opinion, & after learning much about them, esp being a bird mommy, birds shouldn't be pets (I, also, apply this opinion to most animals we keep as pets, again, another story). They deserve to be free to fly in their natural habitats for us humans to watch in awe & respect their right to be free. So, I try to keep my old lady outside of her cage as often as I possibly can. She gets to roam around the yard, swing underneath a bed of vines that line our awning & even climb around them.

So if you're jonesing to have a bird as a companion, please do not buy one! Instead, adopt & really, I mean REALLY, do your homework & research! These precious Crtrs require serious commitment & attention! In the meantime, for a small donation, visit this awesome sanctuary & get your birdy fix here! You'll have a blast!

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