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And here she is, the ultimate reflection of ambition, drive and badassery. Who would have thought that these two souls meeting in the jungle of Nicaragua would be still visioning and dreaming this epic lifestyle project three years later. Driven by principles rooted in heart mind cohesion and blindly walking the road less traveled. Guided by intuition and trust.
Sending some gratitude your way @gaby_bonneville for being the ultimate manifestor of dreams (and one epic #bruja).
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  • 16w ago medicinecamino medicinecamino

    So grateful for both of you πŸ’•

  • 16w ago meta.mel meta.mel

    Warrior Women! Gratitude to you both!!

  • 16w ago gaby_bonneville gaby_bonneville


  • 16w ago madamn.burnz madamn.burnz

    Can’t wait to join your team ❀️

  • 16w ago lchomefree lchomefree

    You two!!!! πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™

  • 16w ago heloiseroy11 heloiseroy11

    I love you two ❀️ inspiration right there

  • 16w ago serenathedreama serenathedreama

    Two of my favorite women right here. Badass and classy- you make shit happen. I'm so grateful to of been part of momentom and will be front row center watching all the success the future has in store for you! Also, let's hang out this weekend πŸ’—πŸŒΈπŸ’–

  • 16w ago twofreeguys twofreeguys


  • 16w ago tlowton tlowton

    @serenathedreama definitely!! There is a show Sat night. You guys should come! 😘

  • 16w ago katecarragher katecarragher


  • 14w ago gaby_bonneville gaby_bonneville

    @medicinecamino 😍

  • 10w ago czuczorferenc czuczorferenc

    Thats a good one!


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