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SELF KINDNESS + PAIN • “Just keep swimming” :)🐠 When the road seems longgggggg and unchanging, it‘s usually frustrating and confusing.
When things seem stuck we’re like “ummmmm can we maybe see some kind of movement here?” Waiting is flipping hard, confusing and painful.
But in this place self kindness and self compassion is key. 🌿
It’s easy to become bitter and angry and blame ourselves and others for certain things, but being kind and giving ourselves space gives us permission to rest in today, seeing all its beauty and hope. :)
As I tell myself (and many times it’s a pep talk after 2 hours of tears on the floor #yep) — “don’t give up Nat, even though it feels like you’re stagnant and not moving, things ARE changing and you’re doing an amazing job. :) More than that, you are brave and courageous and you’re growing and learning so many beautiful things.” :) 🌱
(Note: ahem, sometimes it takes a while to get to this point of view 😜)
So today, if there is pain in your heart from waiting, you’re not alone.
Take some time outside, it’s amazing what watching tiny bugs 🐜 on flowers and birds 🐦 playing in the puddles does to your soul. ☀️
As our friend Dory says “just keep swimming.” 🐠
Keep going my friend.
You are not stuck.
Be kind to yourself. :)
Things are happening behind the scenes, even though it feels like nothing is.💙🐬
Love you 🐥 Nat xo 📷 @poppyfield_thelabel


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