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Thank you @THEACADEMY It’s an incredible honor to be included in such a diverse group of amazing artists! #WeAreTheAcademy #Babs πŸ†


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  • 20w ago lisamariemrz lisamariemrz

    Fabulous! And from Babs!!!!

  • 20w ago chelzkaye chelzkaye

    Amazingly and beautifully deserved πŸ’•

  • 20w ago drakulic_hellyd drakulic_hellyd

    Congrats. Well deserved.

  • 20w ago marulinaa15 marulinaa15

    Congratulations queen ❀❀

  • 20w ago bob0117 bob0117

    Well deserved! Congrats! FTWD is nothing without you! Can’t wait for your next project. ❀️

  • 20w ago dmtranth dmtranth

    Congratulations Kim! Well deserved!!!!! πŸ†

  • 20w ago mrfixitpa mrfixitpa

    I’m really hoping they didn’t kill you off Fear the Walking Dead. It seems like they left it open. Anyways, congrats.

  • 20w ago sleestack68 sleestack68

    What took the so long!?!?

  • 20w ago sleestack68 sleestack68

    @sleestack68 β€œthem”

  • 20w ago privateinvestigator100 privateinvestigator100

    WOW...that is a great honor to be accepted as a member of the Academy. #BABS...Testimonial to your craft. Best Wishes.

  • 20w ago lulugp3 lulugp3

    Congrats! 😍😍😍

  • 20w ago soaluc soaluc

    Nice, congrats

  • 20w ago iamcheche100 iamcheche100


  • 20w ago johnfromhell johnfromhell

    Pure talent.

  • 20w ago malbasta malbasta

    Well deserved πŸ‘πŸ»β€

  • 20w ago lislvind lislvind

    I’m so happy for you!!!

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  • 20w ago sportsgal501 sportsgal501

    Oh Snap!!!! About time..congratulations πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • 20w ago leytonroe leytonroe

    Congrats Kim

  • 20w ago lshaw1983 lshaw1983

    Woot woot!! πŸ’•

  • 20w ago retta.reed.14 retta.reed.14

    Congratulations. Couldn't happen to abetted actor

  • 20w ago hawaiiangapeach hawaiiangapeach

    That's awesome! Congrats!

  • 20w ago irianna.__ irianna.__

    Kim deserves it β™₯

  • 20w ago tjengelstad tjengelstad


  • 20w ago serafim.snj serafim.snj

    Way to go, Dear!β™₯️😍

  • 20w ago mamaclegaspi mamaclegaspi

    Kim! Congrats! And off-topic, I thought FTWD gave you a beautiful send off but I honestly think Madison still have more stories to tell. Premature. :(

  • 20w ago kat.barretti kat.barretti

    You deserve everything β™₯β™₯

  • 20w ago debh8291 debh8291

    Congrats! Will miss you m

  • 20w ago debh8291 debh8291

    Will miss you forever on FTWD

  • 20w ago carlahacken carlahacken

    Hi Kim!

  • 19w ago bootybebouncin bootybebouncin

    Well deserved! I need an Emmy and Oscar for you now!

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  • 19w ago fink4280 fink4280


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  • 19w ago angiecantante angiecantante

    Are you alive? just wondering 😁 I'm rewatching Deadwood 😍 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❀

  • 18w ago pamelatrueheels pamelatrueheels

    Again I say , wow you so deserve this . You’re every bit as talented as any other person in the Academy . So Awesome .

  • 17w ago cranscape cranscape

    Watching #Treme for the first time. Shoulda done that sooner. πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ‘

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