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I have no idea why I didn’t make the last post this...
While I’ve got people... how interested are people in structured patterns, non Spider-Man stuffs, and feminine fitting patterns?

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  • 24w ago abbie_arachnid abbie_arachnid

    Id definately be interested in some feminine fitting patterns. Can be hard to find non sexy versions for woman that fit right

  • 24w ago spontaneouspelting spontaneouspelting

    @abbie_arachnid what would be some good ideas then? I’ve had a few but am not sure how smart they’d be to sell, because of what format and structure they’d have to be/have. If I’m not tailoring and making the suits for people, I don’t know how worthwhile non Lycra bodysuit patterns would be.
    I’ve been wanting to desexualize (to an unsure extent) some over sexualized characters and or some Spider based women but I’m kinda unsure whether to find appropriate muscle shade and I also find it askew that they aren’t original themed characters... the original ones I can think don’t necessarily tend to need the digital printed Lycra treatment though?

  • 24w ago spontaneouspelting spontaneouspelting

    @spontaneouspelting However I don’t want to inhibit people’s desire to dress as particular characters in particular ways just because of their features. I should probably meet multiple demands.

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