Instagram post by @thewritersink NAT BOX | THE WRITER'S INK

The thing I am realizing is that we truly have no idea what pain someone else is facing. :) Behind the smiles of everyday hellos we have no idea what battle someone is deeply journeying.
And the thing is with pain, most of the time it’s confusing, and because of this sometimes things that once felt safe, no longer do. :)
So let’s hold the space for those around us to be themselves, to share their hearts without judgement or wanting to fix them.
Let’s be kind, and remember we are all actually in the same boat. 🌸💙
Even your warm smile at a stranger this morning could help them feel they are not alone. :) Thank you beautiful @meredithgaston for this, your work is so important and brings joy and life to our world :) 🌎🌸🦋
Love you friends and whatever you are facing, I’m feelin ya and I’m with you in it too. 🌷Nat xoxo


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