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Tonight we went to a charity event in Beverly Hills. Mark and I are a little out of practice with parties; I’ve become such a homebody, all I want to do is work with my hands all day! ✍🏻 It was nice to get dressed up, see & be seen again.

Do you enjoy going out? Or are you more of a stay-in kind of person?


  • 22w ago rita_uru rita_uru

    Please his instagram

  • 22w ago bewitchingxo bewitchingxo

    I use to go out all the time when I was younger but now I would rather stay home in some comfy clothes and chill

  • 22w ago lovely_dietz lovely_dietz

    Wow I didnt think you would look so short standing next to your husband!

  • 22w ago curvycaribbean curvycaribbean

    In doors mostly

  • 22w ago rayssabortolo rayssabortolo

    Tu @alicialima_a 💟💟💟

  • 22w ago pamela.ollie pamela.ollie

    I went out for the first time without my toddler in forever. It was nice. I still like staying home though. I feel like I’m too old to go out. (37)

  • 22w ago mother_of_the_unicorns mother_of_the_unicorns

    you are beautiful ❤️

  • 22w ago carla8_22 carla8_22

    When is your baby due?

  • 22w ago lolamrch lolamrch

    Idk it depend but you are both so cute !!❤❤

  • 22w ago jang_mi_msm jang_mi_msm

    More of stay in person

  • 22w ago nandamiura nandamiura

    You are so beautiful 😍
    I like to go out, but sometimes I prefer to stay home, eating a popcorn and watching a movie.😸😸

  • 22w ago ladamedechat ladamedechat

    Both of you make such a beautiful cute couple 💖

  • 22w ago msmarisolharris msmarisolharris

    More of a stay-in kind of person. I always fear making conversation, staying interested, and being entertaining. As a single mother of a 12 year old, my efforts to my social life are always less of a priority. Need to work on that.

  • 22w ago butacup butacup

    I’m such a homebody. It’s almost scary how much time I spend at home. You two look very lovely. So glad you got out to do good ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 22w ago debprotik debprotik


  • 22w ago ch3lleb3lle ch3lleb3lle

    I have social anxiety, so I am a homebody. I have to battle with my own self to leave the house, its miserable. I wish I liked going out more, but over the past 5 years or so this has developed and its bad, I barely make it to work on time. And I used to be a person who was there early. 😞

  • 22w ago quackerzzz0 quackerzzz0

    always stay home

  • 22w ago doedeere doedeere

    @carla8_22 September 15 👶

  • 22w ago carla8_22 carla8_22

    @doedeere pretty soon! Great to hear!!

  • 22w ago bunbunlauren bunbunlauren

    Stay in, especially when I’m working on my spaces at home. It’s like you get trapped in your own world literally. I like it though. A homebody in my own oasis. I’ll go out still...when I need to have fun being social.

  • 22w ago dangasparian dangasparian

    @doedeere wowww ❤️❤️❤️ I wish you all the best ❤️❤️ my baby girl is for this month ❤️ We wish all the best for you ❤️

  • 22w ago alicialima_a alicialima_a

    @rayssabortolo ameeeiii quero meu cabelo assim kkk

  • 22w ago criminal_alchemist criminal_alchemist

    hermit crab for sure!!!

  • 22w ago amieewhitney amieewhitney

    Kinda prefer staying in or going out low key but not into night club partying

  • 22w ago edenmariejames edenmariejames

    Ahh you two look so dashing!

  • 22w ago carla8_22 carla8_22

    @doedeere i watched my granddaughter Veronika be born into this world on May 14th, 2018 😍 what a story i have for her when she is bigger😁 I wish you all the best..Much love and happiness on your journey into Motherhood. Enjoy every every second 😘😊

  • 22w ago madisyn_vintagewhimsy madisyn_vintagewhimsy

    Stay at home

  • 22w ago hopelesspamela hopelesspamela

    Miss y’all! You both look fabulous as ever

  • 22w ago nanateria_nanlong.haus_of_sand nanateria_nanlong.haus_of_sand

    I am much like you. Happiest home making trinkets and treasures.

  • 21w ago yoko_milan yoko_milan

  • 21w ago ilhxo ilhxo

    You both look lovely! Im a stay in kind of person mostly 💗

  • 21w ago depmakeup depmakeup


  • 20w ago theregularhaunt theregularhaunt

    What foundation do you use?

  • 20w ago bintagemermaid bintagemermaid

    What ís the lipstick?

  • 19w ago soontheycome soontheycome


  • 19w ago claredycat claredycat

    What eyeliner do you use? 😍

  • 18w ago medzhitova_makeup medzhitova_makeup

    You're so beautiful ❤️

  • 17w ago taurus.with.leo.rising taurus.with.leo.rising

    @doedeere Miss your unique approach and inspiration to Lime Crime 😢

  • 16w ago xlolarosex xlolarosex

    Your dress is nice

  • 14w ago motivational_individuals motivational_individuals

    I go out 7days a week 15 hours a day! Entrepreneurs don’t 💤

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