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Love this place 🇨🇺


  • 13w ago kaegrizzle kaegrizzle

    tell that to all the cubans who are eating rocks, dying of cancer, and practically starving to death.

  • 13w ago simplementeyiyi simplementeyiyi

    Homeeeeee @kevinjonas

  • 13w ago therealelena therealelena

    @awkwaard Hahaha eller hur??

  • 13w ago kimricrawford kimricrawford

    @bayleymc 😭

  • 13w ago thelinayoung thelinayoung


  • 12w ago suesis1 suesis1

    @kristyshula I love Cuba and visited in Abril/18 don’t say tourist go there to put money on the Government..many ppl stay in Airbnb or rent private house or room to help the people.. like I did. Don’t be ignorant yourself.

  • 12w ago suesis1 suesis1

    @hausofcorvus I went to the beach there and pay $1 cuc..some turista help the ppl by renting their houses not staying in hotels.

  • 12w ago suesis1 suesis1

    @mariangeles250 I went there and didn’t feed the gov

  • 12w ago kristyshula kristyshula

    @sobababy3 if you think staying at a house equalizes the money you put in the government I don’t think I’m the only ignorant one. Maybe the people’s house you stay at get one extra ration of rice that week. 🙄

  • 12w ago suesis1 suesis1

    @yoli6601 I met a lot of tourists there staying in Airbnb and renting houses directly like i did cause I wanted to help the ppl can’t generalize the tourists is not good for Cuba..and I love Cuba!! For its ppl for the place of course is sad to see all the struggle.. but don’t blame on tourists

  • 12w ago suesis1 suesis1

    @kristyshula don’t talk shit..I would rather stay at a nice hotel..and the ppl I rented the house for a week was very stop being ignorant..go back there and do something then..

  • 12w ago hausofcorvus hausofcorvus

    @sobababy3 no one is talking to you? And shows your knowledge cubans use the peso tourist use the cuc again shh before you get blocked

  • 12w ago yoli6601 yoli6601

    @sobababy3 im blaming the ignorant comments of how " great it is there" . Its only great for the tourist for the week they are there. btw the airbnb will get them maybe some extra eggs or favors for helping sell the illusion to los gringos bobo. but if it makes you feels better about yourself & helps you enjoy your arroz con pollo without the guilt, go with it.

  • 12w ago joyfulmuse joyfulmuse

    @mariangeles250 What people don't understand is how many had to flee their Country and lose family and friends to the hands of Castro and his dogs. Cuba was prosperous and they destroyed it. This is why I don't listen to the opinions of Argentinians on Cuban affairs because most are Peronists or Che Guevara fans. As far as Kevin is concerned, he can go wherever he likes but considering he has such an enormous audience on his social media platforms he should be mindful of his posts. Certainly there would be more backlash if he were in Auschwitz.

  • 12w ago aleja76 aleja76

    @joyfulmuse Im from Argentina and not Peronista at all. I know the political issues but this should not stop anyone from going to Cuba or post about it . He should be free to post what he wants but that’s my opinion. Cuba it’s beautiful and people should travel there

  • 12w ago suesis1 suesis1

    @yoli6601 to start he never say Cuba is great, he says I love this do u know ppl feel disgusted about their situation? At least I am being the United States there are people living in worst conditions then Cubans do you know that? Have you walked on the streets of Manhattan? The biggest city in the world? Don’t be ignorant I think you are the selfish here living a lifestyle..and I LOVED Cubans ppl..maybe is better they stay there cause look like they get rotten and greed when move out..and in don’t eat pollo..🙄

  • 12w ago suesis1 suesis1

    @hausofcorvus I used both..shh

  • 12w ago hausofcorvus hausofcorvus

    @sobababy3 blocked

  • 12w ago yoli6601 yoli6601

    @joyfulmuse perfectly said!

  • 12w ago yoli6601 yoli6601

    @aleja76 to all the come mierdas that feel cubans are ungrateful, fuck you! you know nothing unless your family is there! Would rather defend a celebrity who gives 3 fucks about you then to stay quiet about something ypu know nothing about. yeah he can visit wherever & say whatever he wants. A privilege lost on him

  • 12w ago aleja76 aleja76

    @yoli6601 my brother in law came from Cuba. I’m not ignoring the facts ok and have some class and don’t insult people you don’t know . Let people live their lives the way they want . Geez why does this post have to turn into a negative thing ?.

  • 12w ago yoli6601 yoli6601

    @sobababy3 yes you did you dumb bitch! And you certainly didnt help. Stop telling yourself that to help justify your vacation. Did you bump into las damas en blanco & helped w thier cause? Did you smuggle basic medicine to my bed ridden aunt who has to code her request to us in secret phone calls? Did they let you in the "special" hospital where they keep the gays dying of aids hidden, and held thier hands? i find it amusing that someone visits once and they think they know more then someone born there or w family there.

  • 12w ago yoli6601 yoli6601

    @sobababy3 they have no choice but to stay you idiot! And i was born here in the good ole usa & seen plenty homeless in streets of miami. That has nothing to do q this topic! Do whatever u want but dont glorify it. PS U Prob dont eat chin cause u care more about a chicken then humans

  • 12w ago yoli6601 yoli6601

    @hausofcorvus que clase de come mierda y estupida. thinking she helped cause she got an airbnb 😂🤣 ignorance is bliss

  • 12w ago hausofcorvus hausofcorvus

    @yoli6601 block

  • 12w ago carlotitahluis carlotitahluis

    Why not while I'm not thereeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 12w ago kari.g2 kari.g2

    Te amo.

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    Please check dm 😊

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    @magtim77 @tk21190

  • 9w ago cavalcantegabe cavalcantegabe

    @hannahgoncalves_ e eu o achava o mais feio... olha isto!!!

  • 9w ago miamaciel miamaciel

    Tu num era da igreja

  • 8w ago

    🇨🇺 cubaaa 🇨🇺

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    Lembre q câncer de pulmão mata


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